Introduction to Cambridge Running

This is a quick guide to running at Cambridge if you’ve done some competitive running before or are interested in doing some races. If you’re new to running, check here. To keep up to date with training sign up here.

  1. When do you train? We have runs going on every day (you can choose to do as much or as little as you want!), with sessions on Tuesday and Saturday (unless racing) with the long run on Sunday, check the training email for the weekly schedule.
  2. Varsity? BUCS? Main cross-country races are Varsity vs Oxford at the end of Michaelmas Term and BUCS with the other British unis in Lent Term. Both are open to all whether it’s in one of the selected teams or in the mob match – every runner counts! Varsity selection race is Met League 10th Nov., with some warm-up races before (Cuppers 20th Oct. & RAF Match 27th Oct.) which are really good ways to get back into cross-country.
  3. Where to run? Our most common routes can be found here, or better still – join us for a run and we’ll show you around!
  4. Am I quick enough? Yes. Our training group includes casual runners and GB athletes alike – just come along and find someone to run/train with!
  5. How much training should I do? Often people find the training volume here is a big step up from before, so don’t try to do too much more than you’re used to. If you want to increase your training load, do it gradually. There are lots of people who ran in the mob-match in their first year and then made the step up to seconds/Blues in later years so you’ve got time! If you feel a session is significantly more than what you’ve done before, have a chat with our coach Phil O’Dell before the session.
  6. Coaching We have an incredibly dedicated coach Phil O’Dell who’s at our sessions/races – do talk to him about your running aims especially if you’re new!
  7. Staying injury-free/healthy We have heavily subsidised physio on Thursday afternoons along with strength and conditioning sessions on Wednesday afternoons – more info in the training emails. Keeping your training sensible and getting enough sleep help too!
  8. Track season? Lots of us run track in the summer, and compete at Varsity and BUCS athletics with CUAC (our sister track club). CUH&H train for track/road races from March onwards and we have plenty of middle-distance runners in our training group who race on the track up to July/August. CUAC offer a discount for Hareys with a summer membership that allows you to compete for them in the summer.
  9. But I’m not a cross-country runner! We have all sorts of runners (track runners, road runners, fell/mountain runners, orienteers, triathletes…) and the training we do accommodates the vast majority of running targets.
  10. Socials I cannot emphasise enough how much our social secs put on – weekly pizza, formals, race afterparties, thanksgiving celebrations, Friday tea runs… Come along even if you haven’t run with us yet!

How do I join? Look no further than here and the Facebook group here! Any questions please get in touch with me (Maia – mah230) or our men’s captain James (jwr54).