New to Running?

New to running? This page is a really quick summary of how to get involved with running in Cambridge, whether you want to run for fitness or want to train up for a race!

Development Squad

If you’re new to CUH&H and worried about training with the elites, Dev Squad is a great place to start. We aim to cater to runners of any experience and ability. To get involved sign up to the weekly club email by sending a blank email to soc-cuhh-subscribe [at] and come along to Dev Squad sessions. Our Dev Squad officers this year are Sam Friedman (saf64), Libby Brown (erb64) and Andy Everall (asfe2), get in touch with one of them to find out more. Normally during term time we would have a Friday tea run (30 minute jog ending at a different college each week with food/drink – every so often actual tea!) – hopefully we’ll be able to get it going again some day soon, stay tuned.

Cambridge is a great place to run, and if you’re not sure where to go here are our most common routes (most of them have convenient shortcuts if you want to do something a bit shorter), or better still join us for a run and we’ll show you around! We also have a lot of socials going on which are usually posted on here.


Time running: nearly 6 years.

Specialist distance: half marathon to 50 mile but the marathon is definitely my favourite .

When not running: first year PhD in Psychology (child and family development/autism), I also like to read a lot (let’s talk about books).

Background: I was a competitive figure skater growing up then danced for my undergrad university, started running as cross training for dance, then quit dance to run more. I’ve loved challenging myself by trying cross country for the first time this past year. Training with the Hareys has definitely made me a stronger runner even if I’m not training for the same distances as many of the people I run with. 

Get in touch: saf64 [at], 07444106539



Time running: ~2years. CUH&H is my only ever running club! 😮

Specialist distance: 5-10k is all I know. Maybe a Mob-match specialist?

When not running: 2nd year PhD in Astronomy (not astrology). I can’t read your star sign but I can talk about the history of the Milky Way.

Background: I started running with the Hares and Hounds when I came to Cambridge a year and a half ago, before that I’d been rowing for 6 years. If you’re starting your running career here or coming over from another sport, I may be able to give tips/advice from my experience.

I also had a tough rowing season a few years ago where I severely overtrained. It was brutal but a hugely valuable experience which has helped me understand how to listen to my body. I’m definitely happy to chat to anyone who has been or is worried about overtraining and injury.

Get in touch: asfe2 [at], 07710259684, (Andrew Everall on FB)



Time running: 13 years

Specialist distance: 800m – xc. I have done the odd 400m and might even be convinced to do a half marathon one day if Sam gets her own way.

When not running: first year PhD in Chemistry (cancer drug development)… I also love baking and cooking so expect lots of cakes at dev squad events 🙂

Background: I first joined an athletics club when I was 10 so have been running for a very long time. When I was at school my training was very casual (I turned up at the track about once a week) but I loved going to the local league matches (xc and athletics) and just getting involved. When I started my undergrad at Oxford (boooo) I decided to do a bit more training and enjoyed running at varsity/BUCS so much that I ended up doing more and more running. I have now run in 9 varsity matches (5 XC, 4 athletics) and have really seen the benefits of upping your miles slowly and training consistently. But more importantly, I have had so much fun along the way!!

Get in touch:  erb64 [at], 07443439041