New to Running?

New to running? This page is a really quick summary of how to get involved with running in Cambridge, whether you want to run for fitness or want to train up for a race!

Easy Running Group

The CUH&H EZ Runners are a great way to get into running if you haven’t done much before or just want to go a bit slower! Our easy run officers this year are Ellie Kidner (ek458), Lizzy Shaw (ees42) and Katy Handley (kh628). The best way to find out what the easy run group are doing is to sign up to the weekly easy run email by sending a blank email to soc-cuhh-ez-subscribe [at] or joining the Facebook group here. During term time we have a Friday tea run (30 minute jog ending at a different college each week with food/drink – every so often actual tea!)

Cambridge is a great place to run, and if you’re not sure where to go here are our most common routes (most of them have convenient shortcuts if you want to do something a bit shorter), or better still join us for a run and we’ll show you around! We also have a lot of socials going on which are usually posted on here.


Broadly speaking, the Hare and Hounds consists of two groups: one group training for competitive cross-country/road/track running (of all standards) and the easy running group. If you’re looking to get involved in some races, you might want to have a look here. CUH&H host the Boundary Run (marathon/half-marathon) in Lent Term which is a really good race to aim for in a low-pressure/informal setting. Do come along to our sessions/runs – timing/locations are sent round every week on the training email – just send an email to soc-cuhh-training-subscribe [at]