Health and safety and welfare officer

Niamh Bridson-Hubbard

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Zara Yamani

Having only taken up running during the summer at the annual training camp and despite a 3-month injury, Zara has impressively already completed the entire run to Ely (one of just 2 first years to do so this year)! Her mega wattbike sessions definitely helped to keep up her fitness and make a strong comeback.

When she’s not captioning her sessions on Strava with Taylor Swift lyrics or frolicking around various x-country courses dressed as chugs bunny, Zara can be found on the tennis court or cooking up a storm on her @microwavemasterchef account. In fact, Zara has a habit of inviting Hareys back to her room to cook for them.

As a medic and one of the most approachable members of the group, Hareys will be in good hands. Her dedication to the club and friendly reputation has already earned her the title of ‘Hareyest fresher’ as well as captain of the mob match. As welfare sec, you can expect to see Zara advocating grass sessions, being the first to give you kudos and genuinely looking out for your well-being as your No1 supporter.