Health and safety and welfare officer

Sam Friedman

Meet Sam – Welfare Officer and ultra-runner extraordinaire. When not running 100 km races (insane right?) or looping West Cam, you can be sure to find Sam telling all who will listen the joys of recovery runs, S&C and post session Jack’s Gelato. As far as Welfare Officers go, we couldn’t be in safer hands!

Toby Speirs

Toby is a third year medic at Queens’, and has been involved with CUHH from the start. He is regularly involved in group runs, sessions and races, including Varsity and BUCS XC. Toby is also a triathlete, recently racing very well to finish 28th in the BUCS duathlon, but we are hoping to persuade him that his life would be much easier if he focused on a single, superior sport. As one of the CUHH Welfare Officers this year, feel free to get in touch with any welfare-related issues, and you’ll receive a friendly reply.