Welfare Officers

Maya Hodgson

Maya is a Blues athlete on the track, an avid water polo fan, and a founding member of the Harey Hareem. Sorry, that’s Maia. Maya is a Blues athlete on the track, an avid water polo fan, and a founding member of the Harey Hareem. When she’s not steeplechasing her way towards a third straight Blues appearance, she’s welfaring the Hareys.

Maya’s top welfare methods are giving kudos within 0.5 seconds of an activity being uploaded to Strava, closely followed by the post-Lola’s gossip recovery run that is guaranteed to take anyone’s welfare to new heights. Maya also has significant Harey committee experience. As press + pub officer she expanded the club’s Instagram presence, as vice-captain she followed a long line of Harey vice-captains whose only role is to organise presents for the captains (a role she performed outstandingly tbf), and as social sec she ensured that a social sec committee including renowned organiser Jizzy D actually got something done!

The MAH x Pete Molloy combo means that club welfare could not be in better hands this year, and we look forward to many welfare drop-in sessions and free snacks over the year to come!

Pete Molloy

Having received this position after Will Yates’ unfortunate departure back to the Real World (a.k.a. a job in London), Peter Molloy has already proven that he is more than cut out for the job. You only have to glance at Pete’s Attack Point (that’s Strava for Orienteers by the way) to realise that Pete has a real gift for entertaining writing; something that will no doubt come out in his weekly emails. He has also displayed the gift of welfare following the consolation of an unnamed, exam-stressed, first-year mathmo when Pete was only a second year himself.

He is a huge fan of running many kilometres (never miles) at #inclusive paces and has been known to give great post-break-up advice by prescribing an ‘unrestrained cocktail of Olivia Rodrigo and Maisie Peters’. Pete also has a wholesome talent for constructing bespoke bedroom furniture from cardboard boxes (so sustainable!), but this talent is entirely overshadowed by his incredible Bakeoff impression, which he has recently perfected such that it is timed to music.

Pete is one of the most lovely, kind and genuinely hilarious members of the club and there is no one more suited to be your welfare officer (apart from Maya – who definitely is not writing this profile)…

Will Yates

Ever worried you peaked in high school? Will loved high school so much – maybe it’s because he was on Junior Mastermind – that he went back there to teach after his undergrad at O*****. He then loved the company enough to come back to university for a second round; this time, with his students!

But in late Michaelmas, Will uncovered the secret to winning the hearts of his fellow youths: through their stomachs. With the promise of hot hash browns at the John’s buttery, Will’s Breakfast Club has transformed the Wednesday 7:20s from a lonely wasteland (who gets up at 7am after a session?) into the most popular run of the week. It’s a bold move to rock up to mob match proclaiming yourself “fun lieutenant” but turns out you can get away with anything if you bring a tray of fresh flapjacks.

The Harey’s de facto Dad has also done some impressive running this past year, carving 53 minutes off his Marathon PB, not dying on the way to Ely, and cracking sub-10 in March’s refreshment mile. With a whole PhD on the horizon, exciting times lie ahead if he can stay out of the retirement home.

Over the next year, expect to see Will channelling his experience as an English teacher providing welfare wisdom and overly prosaic run advertisements in the WhatsApp (apparently “10km@7:20 from SJP iaiktj” is beneath him). This bloke is one to be relied upon if you’re in need of a good laugh, good advice, or good baking. And watch out – he’s cute when he’s angry.