Kit Secretary

James Rennie

Following an incredibly successful stint as Men’s Captain in 2022-23, James has decided to funnel his impressive organisation capabilities and unparalleled creativity into his one true passion: stash. Having promised Breakfast Club branded cutlery, an Alex Burns branded Rubik’s Cube, and – my personal favourite – Harey Bucket Hats, it is clear that every Harey is about to have all of their kit needs met in style.

His past experience includes designing the special edition “10 years of Phil O’Dell” t-shirts, which really showcased his talent and creativity. It’s just a shame that no one bought them.

Jokes aside, James will no doubt thrive in this position. Having held two roles on the committee so far, he has proven to work well with a diverse variety of colleagues: diverse in the sense that one was called Maia and the other was called Maya. 

A popular, extremely well-liked member of the club, James will bring good vibes, wisdom and passion to this year’s committee, and lots of delightful new stash too!