Kit Secretary

Maia Hardman

This year, CUHH members have put their faith in a member who has yet to compete for the club, or indeed own any CUHH stash at all, as kit secretary (thanks COVID). But what Maia lacks in Harey experience and officially taken A-Levels, she more than makes up for with speed. She hasn’t run an 800m PB since she was 14 years old and yet still holds one of the fastest PBs in the club with a rapid 2:14! With this kind of pace, we can expect lightning fast kit delivery throughout Cambridge. Maia is also one of a rare breed of freshers who managed to not contract coronavirus in Michaelmas – legend has it Covid came close to her, but she simply outran it.

Maia managed to gain a place on the Vet Med course despite being scared of horses, a pretty impressive feat! One advantage of her six-year degree choice means she has plenty of time to wrap up every committee position possible during her time in Cambridge, and don’t rule out a PhD either as she works her way all the way to Club President. Ten years at Cambridge does at least mean that in that time Maia may actually appear on the startline of a race injury-free! On the plus side, her commitment to the injured life means she’s become a pro at cross-training, so make sure to follow her Strava if you’re looking for some Wattbike session inspo.