Kit Secretary

Jeremy Dempsey

First heard of from Joe Massingham reciting his power of 10 results, enthusiastically telling us Jeremy will be coming to Cambridge next year, Jeremy Dempsey is one of the keen and promising Freshers recruited this year. While starting the year slightly troubled with injury, he has steadily climbed from Varsity Seconds, to the BUCS A Team to coming 3rd at U20 Nationals, and has already made a good start to a very promising track season. He will no doubt make a huge contribution to the team in future years and since Jeremy is one of the many Harey-medics the years will be many. However, also off the race course Jeremy has made himself noticed, especially at BUCS, claiming some fame and providing some good fining material by being a strong contender for the winner of the Afterparty. Involved in socials, almost always in at least one item of stash and with many creative ideas Jeremy will no doubt introduce some funky additions to the Harey STASH collection, while hopefully also continuing Luke’s strong organization and admin (although not sure everyone is as convinced of the intimidation-effect speedsuits will have as he is).