Club Captain

Milly Dickinson

Milly Dickinson is a 2:15 800m specialist but is also known as “2:11 girl” due to her average first-year bedtime being 2:11 am. Despite initially claiming not to like cross country, and spending her first term at Cambridge with such severe tonsillitis that her voice was only heard for the first time in November, Milly had run in both varsity seconds XC and Blues XC by the end of Michaelmas. Huge performances in both these races lead to Milly being awarded the Bea Wood award for the Fastest Incoming Fresher, and a huge annual dinner led to Milly sliding into a (very confused and still an A-level student at this point) Bea Wood’s DMs to inform her of this award.

After racing a few too many events at Vfear on a torn hamstring led to an Even More Torn Hamstring, the (Brighton) phoenix rose from the ashes and has since reached the career peak of running a 7:15 beer mile. However, this period of injury taught Milly all she needed to know about cross-training, with Milly putting in the hours not just on the wattbike but in the water too, with favoured locations ranging from the Cam to a reservoir in the Yorkshire Dales. This also taught Milly the importance of warming up appropriately – a handy skill to have.  

Overall, this year’s captain is one of the kindest, most fun, friendliest and hardworkingest people you could ever hope to meet and I am so excited to see where this all-around amazing person will take the club over the next year.