Club Captain

Maia Hardman

Maia Hardman, also known as The HardwomanTM, and not to be confused with her vice-captain Maya, is who you have trusted to run this most prestigious club, and boy have you made a fantastic choice. After a year charming Ronhill and dealing with people begging for Blues fleeces as Kit Secretary, she has decided it’s time to take on the role that was always calling her name, even faster than predicted (last year’s committee profile so wrongly suggested she would need to do a PhD to work her way up to Captain!).

She has bossed 2nd Year Vet Med while balancing a seriously pacey mileage and no shortage of Harey socialising. While I will not disclose how much of this was a result of a somewhat worrying caffeine intake, she has clearly proven to be excellent at keeping many plates spinning, and I have no doubt this will continue as she takes on her new role. In a year of highs* (detailed below) and lows (bowing to peer pressure and eating that chilli on training camp), Maia has achieved so much: the most notable achievement being the completion of a kilogram of strawberries. Slightly less importantly, she is pretty good at running. Maia has competed in the Blues team at Varsity Cross Country 2021 and the A race at BUCS Cross Country 2022, earning a Blue for her fantastic top 50 finish. She will no doubt continue to display this phenomenal form on the track as she targets a Blues Athletics spot.

Maia is one of the most friendly, chatty ( /gossipy – is she Gossip Girl?!), approachable members of the Hareys and it is for this reason that she will make a fantastic Club Captain. To be blessed with an email a week from her will be what gets most of us through our degrees. There is no one more suited to lead CUH&H to victory against O*ford #GBDO