Press and publicity officers

Poppy Craig-Mcfeely

There once was a runner called Poppy
Whose handwriting was rather sloppy
Well, what this girl lacks in penmanship
She makes up for in harey membership;
A mighty athlete and natsci, always on the go,
Her commitment to cuhh will make you go ‘woah!’
There are many things McFeely can bring to the team
Most notably, canva prowess and a harey family tree,
Not to mention the vital combination,
Speed, smiles, support and committee administration.
And in keeping with this club’s rich tradition
She’ll likely maintain this position
For the decade she remains in Cambridge.
But never shall she traverse the distant shores of Sidge,
For she’s a WHub lass through and through
A place where she strides, parading her blue
And there’s more where that came from…
A wattbike star, her hours of dedication are sure to translate
Into some stellar performances, seasons great,
The heights of nationals top 6 and varsity success attained,
Poppy’s future victory is preordained!
It’s exciting to see what cuhh will become
Under the guidance of us two press-and-pub-ers
Whose insta craft will alleviate your troubles,
And yes, that was a dodgy rhyme
So I shall scarper before being scorned for that crime;
But let’s raise our glasses (of water) to PCM the dream,
Who will serve us, rep the harey stem and reign supreme!

Bea Wood

There’s a girl named BWood, with a love for English so grand,
She worships John Keats, and his rhyming command.
She writes a blog, with a post so bold,
“Romance Is Dead And We Slaughtered It” we’re told (or is it?)
But writing’s not all, she’s a runner with power,
National Cross Country winner, leaving foes in a shower.
She’s invaded WHub, a humanities queen,
Even turned down the Blues Team to run for Great Britain.
With Norwegian flashcards in hand, she hoped to converse,
With the Ingebrigtsen brothers, her running heroes immersed.
Music from Manchester in the ’80s, her playlist divine,
Especially the Smiths, to which she’ll always incline.
Asics are her go-to, with comfort and care,
But when wearing Dragonflies, beware, beware!
And don’t be fooled by her love of Milton Keyne’s best chicken,
She claims not to be vegetarian, but we don’t bother listening.
New to cross-training, the Wattbike is her fave,
Especially when gossip’s involved, it’s a juicy rave.
So when you see BWood, on the towpath so bright,
Don’t underestimate her, she’s a runner with might!
With a passion for literature, running, and fun,
BWood is a force, second to none.