Press and publicity officers

Ella Colbourn

Ella, whose surname is definitely NOT pronounced ‘Colbourn’, is yet another geographer and a much-loved addition to the Harey cohort! Adidas-clad, Ella arrived as a Harey from week one: training camp attendee, freshers’ 5k victor, and even a melon-holding survivor of the pub crawl (one of a shocking number of freshers’ weeknights out, rumour has it). 

Though Ella’s geographical knowledge proved insufficient when getting lost on the way to training in early Michaelmas, things improved as she came to navigate her way around XC after XC. Perhaps reluctantly (she loves XC really), she braved the mud and hills across 8 times her preferred distance at the Blues Varsity match!

But the track is where it’s at for our 800m specialist… is that a light blue blazer I see on the horizon? Don’t be fooled by her modesty- Ella is an experienced athlete with a GB vest and a dazzling 2:05 PB! An exciting season should lie ahead if she emerges victorious after succumbing to some rather poorly timed shin splints in lent term.

Despite her commitment to training (and clubbing), the supposed lack of workload from her degree should leave her plenty of time to keep the CUHH Instagram flourishing. There’s no doubt that Ella is perfect for the committee and will do an amazing job as press and pub officer!

Michael Miskin

Who better to be one of our Press and Publicity officers than Michael – a second year engineer at Emma whose attendance is predominantly confined to Harey’s famous Friday tea runs (the highlight of the week, obviously). Also keen on exploring the flatlands of East Anglia by bike, Michael is a multitalented addition to this year’s committee having dabbled in the (notoriously competitive and demanding)  field of Aviation Journalism amongst other things. His [limited] credentials for the Press & Publicity role include being just about fluent in English (not bad for someone born and raised entirely in Britain!) alongside a passion for interestingly constructed sentences – what could possibly go wrong?