Press and publicity officers

Angus Harrington

With great rapidity over two laps of the track, a keen eye for post-race pics and a penchant for producing punchy headlines, Angus Harrington is your quintessential Press and Pub Officer. Climbing the ranks from Junior Treasurer to Social Secretary to now arrive at the lofty heights of the Press and Pub Officer, the third year John’s Engineer is certain to bring great experience to the table. Already a successful co-manager of the CUHH Elite Track Team ™ Instagram, Angus knows how to please a crowd of runners and will be sure to spread the Harey news far and wide during his time in the role.


Chinazo Okeke

The mind of a medic, the strength of a powerlifter, but the spirit of a harey. When she’s not pumping iron in the gym, impressively enough to get recruited by the powerlifting club at that, you can find her running Grantchester loops, working hard on a wattbike or infiltrating CUAC-but NEVER resting. An ex-sprinter, Chinazo saw the light last year, and the September Training Camp “changed her life”, although I suppose that’s just what the hareys do.  Flash forward to now, and she’s following the proven lifestyle of proplus and miles, but not Churchill laps so she still has things to learn. A second-year medic, Chinazo has the knowledge to keep herself in one piece. A quick look at the strava profile sees consistency most of us could dream of- the mileage is a straight line, and cross training and gym every week- wow! Her organisation and enthusiasm for this club will serve her well in press and pub, with exciting prospects for a harey tikok- wannabe influencers get in touch.