Press and publicity officers

Fiona Bunn and Jose Gray

Fiona Bunn, a fresher this year, has shown herself to be a dedicated member of the club in both athletic and social circles. Having had a successful start to the XC season, injury unfortunately curtailed her place on the Blues Squad – we will have to wait until next winter to see how she fares against Oxford on the mud. However, it is with a map in her hand that Fiona shows her class as a runner. Naturally this would attract yet more orienteering jokes from the Harey masses, but having competed at the junior world orienteering champs last summer and taking the U20 women’s title at the JK over the Easter weekend this year, this is no laughing matter. We hope that her natural sciences degree will have prepared her well for a year of literary genius on the Harey Press and Pub team.

Jose Gray, 3rd year physicist, is the Hare and Hounds press and pub officer. With a Strava mileage curve to die for, and a commitment to recording every step on his Garmin, consistency proved king as he broke into Seconds last year, helping him keep his eyebrows in the process. Providing he is still in one piece, he is definitely one to look out for in future years. When he’s not running, he’s taking photos of other people running, so he’ll be sure to catch your best race face over the coming year.