Press and publicity officers

Jose Gray and Joni Wildman


Jose Gray, Having made seconds at varsity and being press and pub officer for two years in a row, Jose will be looking to push on in both roles. This boi is most comfortable baring his chest (and its contents) for all to admire, and be sure to look out for him in races and training, as he will almost definitely be snapping pictures of your favourite gurn face.

Joni Wildman started in Cambridge in twenty eighteen, and my what a runner she has been. She was a member of the varsity twos, helping bring home the win for the mighty light blues. As a natsci she is used to being under pressure, but don’t let that fool you about this speedy fresher. Winner of the prestigious pain face award and holder of the 1kg lettuce eating record, her involvement and love of the club has found her in charge of this year’s press and pub. So look out for Joni with her bright pink hair, I’m sure her and Jose will make quite the pair.