Press and publicity officers

James Rennie

A Strava enthusiast, James cares more about getting kudos than doing well in his degree. Nothing bothers him more than erroneous GPS tracking. Nothing makes him feel better than a Strava rant after a bad run. Nothing pleases him more than being held accountable for doing S&C. Since joining Cambridge in October, James has made several achievements, such as averaging 4 hours of sleep throughout Michaelmas. This is partly due to his love for a themed sesh (with gossip girl being a particular favourite xoxo) but he is also kept awake at night thinking about his loss to Mo Farah on his Power of 10 head-to-head. But whatever you do, don’t ask him about the story involving him, a fence and a Catz porter (turns out steeplechase is best performed on the track…)

In terms of running, James can boast a victory at the Berlin Marathon**, and is a proud member of Reading AC. He has competed for Berkshire on multiple occasions, and shows this off by covering his wall with county vests. We are yet to see him don a light blue vest to represent CUHH but we are expecting great things!

He is no doubt well-equipped for his role as Press & Publicity officer: he writes for the Tab so expect to see some beautifully-written race reports. Additionally, his geography degree will no doubt come in handy when reading course maps and plotting the optimum spectating route for the best photo opportunities.

**in some obscure age category with 4 competitors


Maya Hodgson

in true maya style, this profile does not contain a single capital letter, and one look at her strava captions would tell you that she has no need for them. as a first year geography student, maya is a lover of maps, making planning and executing new running routes an exciting prospect. despite this, maya ran the same 3 loops throughout michaelmas, but has since acquired a wealth of experience in cambridge running (this is largely due to repeatedly studying other harey’s strava routes – a particular shoutout must go to james coxon and his girton and coton loops). maya is a proud member of fitzwilliam college, and you will often hear her say that she is perfectly located ‘in the centre of mainsbury’s and aldi’. however, she still goes out of her way to m&s in order to fuel her crippling chocolate mini roll addiction (no, other brands are not available).

maya is one of the most organised people you will ever meet, and plans to use her skills to good use as p&p officer by recruiting more humanities students into the club. her main event is the steeplechase, and although she’s avoided falling on the water jumps thus far, we’re expecting maya to provide some good #content for the club instagram by taking one for the team this summer.

with several english schools championships and berkshire vests under her belt, we are very excited to see maya race this upcoming season (and not just to see if she falls into the water jump ;)).