Boundary Run Organisers

Iain Davies

Now in his fifth year in Cambridge, Iain is well and truly part of the furniture of CUHH. His road to boundary run officer followed an intricate four year plan: transport sec, hon sec and even club captain served as a mere warm-up, before a sabbatical year in the Harey House allowed him to study the ways of boundary run guru, Pete Cameron. Iain also did preparative cross-training for the role by attending orienteering training camp once, although rumour has it that was to find love rather than checkpoints…

Despite rumours that his Achilles tendons are made from dry spaghetti, Iain’s spicy PBs and range over 800m through 10k are not to be sniffed at (when he actually gets to the start line). Even if he doesn’t make the race, Iain doesn’t need to run to be successful, having jointly won Blues afterparty in 2019! He can also single-leg calf raise circa one million litres of Aldi squash, so don’t mess with him.

When not working on his PhD in general relativity, Iain has many hobbies: these include escaping to the garage to “call his parents”, indulging his passion for Bavaria-Roman culture, and passing himself off as Andy Butchart in the club in the hope it takes him the extra mile…

Tom Slater 

Tom Slater, a 3rd year Chemical Engineer at Homerton, is in it for the long haul. Not content with short/middle distance running, Tom can be found pushing himself the full 26.2 miles as his legs drive him to the finish line at his favourite road races. A newer member of the club, Tom ran the Boundary Run last year and felt inspired to engineer the 2021 race into an ergonomic, well-crafted event. Described as the most friendly race he’s run, Tom is certain that he can encourage runners throughout the city to take part, and not only because it’s cheaper than the Saucony Cambridge Half. Despite shin splints plaguing his preparation, he smashed through the course and is aiming for a half marathon PB this year. Tom hopes that, with COVID restrictions easing, he’ll be able to get stuck in with CUHH training, races and socials. One thing’s for sure: The Boundary Run is in safe hands.

Jeremy Dempsey

Did you know Jeremy is at Girton?

Good, now that that especially fun fact is out of the way, we can deal with the man himself. Dempsey was re-elected this year as transport secretary, on a manifesto with a giant number 0 to denote the number of late busses over which he presided last year. However, newer members of the club may be unaware that this is just the latest in a long-established trend of Jeremy bringing absolutely nothing to the table. Blues matches? Nada. Successful captaincy runs? Zilch. Good chat on Strava? You’ve got to be joking.

A more impressive zero is the one located in the seconds column of his mile PB. Of course, he’s far too polite to admit it himself, but there’s a longstanding rumour going round the club that Jeremy is actually “absolutely bloody rapid, mate”. Unfortunately, word of his athletic prowess has long since reached O*ford, so there’ll be no catching them off guard-with his raw pace through the Wimbledon mud. Luckily, however, CUH&H have reintroduced the element of surprise in our Tactical Dempsey™ by varying his availability with a highly unpredictable series of strategic injuries. When the time is right, he’ll strike in the day, but until then it’s afterparty victories that Jeremy’s chasing.

The last thing you need to know about our once and future transport secretary is how Harey he is. And the answer to that is that he is Harey through and through. In an effort to promote cross training during his most recent strategic deployment to the sidelines, Jeremy co-founded the CUH&HCC. This creation represents a valuable addition to the growing list of Harey sub-societies, as well as to the dictionary of near-indecipherable acronyms in general circulation in the club. IAIKTJ, it’s Jeremy, and we all hope he’ll get a chance to bring that Harey spirit to a non-zero number of busses this year.

Harry Kettle

Half-man, half-mole, Harry Kettle is a man who enjoys spending his time tunnelling underground almost as much as he enjoys running over it. As president of the caving club, he is an expert in the field of caves, but this certainly isn’t where his talents end. With a 4th place finish in the 800m at English Schools in 2014 and a victory over our very own Jeremy Dempsey, Harry certainly has some serious speed. However, he has gone somewhat “underground” in subsequent years, getting well acquainted with various forms of cross-training and Rich Luddington’s DMs. Rumour has it that 2020 has seen Harry put some big miles in the bank though, and he has adopted a more sensible approach to training, so keep your eyes peeled for a big summer from him. Away from sport, Harry is a third year Engineer at Downing, so should have the organisational skills to put together a seamless boundary run, albeit with a few approximations along the way.