Boundary Run Organisers

Oliver Fox and George Gathercole

When the lord decided it was time to create a CUHH committee for 2017/2018 she worked tirelessly. A club captain here, three social secretaries (a more notably trio than one, two and three) there, and one glorious boundary run officer. But then, out of nowhere a former boundary run officer appeared!

“It can’t be one person” they cried in unison.

And she was angry, but she forgave the former boundary run officer and decide to split her beautiful creation in two. One half got a digestive system, one optimism. One half was good with the ladies, and one not. Not everything was divided though, as both got lethal aerobic systems of Foxavole. Sadly neither Boundary Run officer got functional eyesight.

Oliver Fox, – the light boundary run officer if you will – has many good qualities. Co-Founder of the Gray-Fox training method (like the Silver-Fox method, but with less care taken) he is the third longest serving member of the 2018/2019 committee. In his free time … wait this just in … as a professional life saver in training Oliver doesn’t have any free time. He would like to use his certainly not free time to remind you of this fact. And he’s gone, flying off on his bike to god knows where.