Boundary Run Organisers

Pete Cameron, Niamh Bridson Hubbard and Luke Fisher

Niamh Bridson Hubbard and Luke Fisher
Niamh and Luke Fisher are twins. Like the Weasley twins but less fun. Both are exceptionally blonde and like any good blondes, they have their moments.

Their physical similarities should not however, be mistaken for uniformity in their character.

Luke is kept entertained by the simple things in life such as being outdoors and making Excel spreadsheets. When he’s not fucking around on his bike or spending lots of club money, he might actually be doing some Boundary Run admin or his degree (although likely only the former).

Niamh is something of an intellectual. She reads the New Yorker, owns a copy of Plato’s Republic (but hasn’t read it) and only uses words with more than three syllables. Sociology is all a bit beyond her, but she enjoys pretending to know what she is talking about in order to impress certain individuals. Only venturing outside to run miles, and small ones at that, NBH lives her best life of onesies, toasties and buckets of ice-cold water.

Pete Cameron

Although he may resemble a fledgling pigeon, if Pete Cameron entered X-Factor today it would be in the ‘25yrs and older’ category. Jake Wightman once told me that Pete’s long-term abuse of Irn-Bru and testosterone has placed his body into a Benjamin Button-esque reversal of the ageing process. And whilst it may have taken him quarter of a century and 63 attempts to break 4mins for 1500m, he only needed one shot at the champ at the BUCS after party. But forget Pete, Pete is old and tired. His many years spent as campaign manager for close friend George Galloway has eaten away at the little athletic talent with which he was bestowed. I prefer to look to the future. I see baby Cameron-Dannatt storming to victory in the 2037 Highland games open 1600m, and I smile.