Boundary Run Organisers

Pete Cameron

After his moderate success as one of last year’s Boundary run organisers, Pete returns to lead this year’s team following big campaign promises to buy enough stuff and sing a bit. Anyone with worries over insufficient water supplies at BR2021 may be heartened to hear that Pete is not only an accomplished maths student, but was actually quoted in a 1976 book, saying “I count a lot of things that there’s no need to count. Just because that’s the way I am. But I count all the things that need to be counted.” And yes, while Pete may resemble a young, slightly inebriated Luka Modric, it is rumoured he is in fact older than one of CUHH’s founders, Su-Min Lee, so both his life experience and ability to tally up bottles cannot be questioned.

While Pete’s other talents include cross-dressing, running 2:00.xx for 800m and designing personalised calendars, undoubtedly his greatest strength is ‘partying’, particularly if such an occasion were to follow a mass running event. So, while I Dannatt know if BUCS 2019 will ever be topped, the BR2021 afterparty is not to be missed.

Aidan Rigby

Did you know that Aidan is an orienteering blue? You could be forgiven if you didn’t, as Aidan has held off getting a CUOC pocket sewn onto his Blues blazer in the hope that he can get a CUH&H one instead. Boundary Run Officer is the ideal committee position for an orienteer as it requires the accurate marking out of the 26.2 mile course, and luckily for Aidan there is an option to drop out at halfway. Seriously though, Aidan is a quality XC runner and the 2019/20 season was his best yet. He had a great run to finish third scorer for the seconds team at Varsity and had an even better run at BUCS to be a part of the medal winning B team. Perhaps the 7:20 runs have made the difference?

James Ackland

Ackland, identifiable only by his last name and his very faint Welsh accent, is a fourth-year bio-natsci. While his initial participation in the Hare and Hounds was solely as part of an orienteering sleeper cell, he has been undercover so long now that his primary affiliation is no longer clear. His prior achievements as part of the Hare and Hounds include winning both the mens’ IIIs match in 2019 and afterparty that same night. Ackland’s undergraduate degree (in press) in HSPS taught him how to win elections and he is a professional Harey bureaucrat having already served two terms. With Big Joe’s promises to “drain the swamp,” his job and sleeper cell may be in peril, so this, as well as Ackland’s running development, is something to keep an eye on during the next twelve months.