Sponsorship and Alumni Relations

Matthew Dubery

Matthew Dubery’s rise to fame is nothing short of remarkable. Despite fleeing from the Hareys during his first encounter and cutting short his training camp, he managed to secure a cross-country blue and even snagged a position on the committee as the Alumni and Relations Officer (after being rejected as kit sec, no less) and is in charge of MegaCross, a race which he missed last year.

His relentless pursuit of a committee role paid off when he landed a sponsorship deal with YouTube sensation and coach Mark Hookway. Mark knows more about Dubes’ training than anyone in the world, thanks to Dubes’ secretive Strava profile, which only reveals a limited number of races he deems worthy of sharing – a beer mile and a Ceilidh Dance (because, you know, cross-training).

Despite his minimal Strava activity, Dubes has become an internet sensation, as evidenced by this image from one of his top-rated YouTube videos showcasing his best event, the steeplechase. He garners the loudest cheers in races (you’ll know when he’s nearby), and his antics have become the stuff of legend – including his Valentine’s Day disappearance, which nearly prompted a police search and created a new shape – the Duberygone.

After such a successful first year, it’s hard to say what the future holds for Dubes at Cambridge, but many more Blues may be on the horizon.