The Committee

Photographs and profiles of the members of this year’s committee (2023-2024) can be found here:

The CUH&H Committee 2023-2024:


President: Prof. Joan Lasenby jl221 Trinity
Vice Presidents: Dr Simon Rutherford

Dr C.J.R.Thorne

Dr James Gill

Dr Mark Coley

Mr Josh Carr

Dr Polly Keen

Mr Iain Davies

Mr Joseph Massingham

Ms Em Bradley

Ms Maia Hardman


St Catharine’s

Hughes Hall








Senior Treasurer: Prof. Neil Mathur ndm12 Churchill
Club Captain: Milly Dickinson mded2 Gonville & Caius
Men’s Captain: Lawrence Hollom lh569 Trinity
Webmaster George Ogden go281 Trinity
Honorary Secretary: Tom Adolphus tga24 Emmanuel
Men’s Vice Captain: Paddy Hickey ph559 Gonville & Caius
Women’s Vice Captain: Ellie Taylor elt49 Churchill
Junior Treasurer: Cillian Doherty cd765 Trinity
Press Officers: Poppy Craig-Mcfeely, Bea Wood pc715, bw480 Robinson, Lucy Cavendish
Social Secretaries: Ellie Taylor, Paddy Hickey, Alex Beeston, (previously Amber Wright) elt49, ph559, ajb372 Churchill, Gonville & Caius, Downing
League Organisers: Alex Burns, Iain Davies, Niamh Thompson ab2804, id318, ht455 Trinity Hall, Trinity, Homerton
Kit Secretary: James Rennie jwr54 St Catherine’s
Sponsorship and Alumni Secretary: Matthew Dubery md955 Jesus
Transport Secretary: Joe Massingham jtm44 Pembroke
Boundary Run Organisers: Maxime Gadioux, Zara Yamani, Matthew Blacker, Jeremy Dempsey mjhg2, zy334, mjb318, jsgd2 Trinity, Churchill, Trinity, Girton
Development Squad Leaders: Olatz Bulson-Roman, Julia Jakob, Sophie Preston, Isabella Fitches ob379, jj461, scp62, imsf2 Fitzwilliam, Emmanuel, Gonville & Caius, New Hall
Health, Safety and Welfare Officers: Maya Hodgson, Pete Molloy, (previously Will Yates) mah232, pwm32 Fitzwilliam, Trinity

Please feel free to get in touch with any members of the committee (all e-mail addresses are of the form [crsid] unless otherwise noted, with crsids being found in the third column of the table above).