The Committee

Photographs and profiles of the members of this year’s committee (2023-2024) can be found here:

The CUH&H Committee 2023-2024:


President: Prof. Joan Lasenby jl221 Trinity
Vice Presidents: Dr Simon Rutherford

Dr C.J.R.Thorne

Dr James Gill

Dr Mark Coley

Mr Josh Carr

Dr Polly Keen

Mr Iain Davies

Mr Joseph Massingham


St Catharine’s

Hughes Hall






Senior Treasurer: Prof. Neil Mathur ndm12 Churchill
Club Captain: Milly Dickinson mded2 Gonville & Caius
Men’s Captain: Lawrence Hollom lh569 Trinity
Webmaster George Ogden go281 Trinity
Honorary Secretary: Tom Adolphus tga24 Emmanuel
Men’s Vice Captain: Paddy Hickey ph559 Gonville & Caius
Women’s Vice Captain: Ellie Taylor elt49 Churchill
Junior Treasurer: Cillian Doherty cd765 Trinity
Press Officers: Poppy Craig-Mcfeely, Bea Wood pc715, bw480 Robinson, Lucy Cavendish
Social Secretaries: Ellie Taylor, Paddy Hickey, Amber Wright elt49, ph559, amw229 Churchill College, Conville & Caius, Trinity
League Organisers: Alex Burns, Iain Davies, Niamh Thompson ab2804, id318, ht455 Trinity Hall, Trinity, Homerton
Kit Secretary: James Rennie jwr54 St Catherine’s
Sponsorship and Alumni Secretary: Matthew Dubery md955 Jesus
Transport Secretary: Joe Massingham jtm44 Jesus
Boundary Run Organisers: Maxime Gadioux, Zara Yamani, Matthew Blacker, Jeremy Dempsey mjhg2, zy334, mjb318, jsgd2 Trinity, Churchill, Trinity, Girton
Development Squad Leaders: Olatz Bulson-Roman, Julia Jakob, Sophie Preston, Isabella Fitches ob379, jj461, scp62, imsf2 Fitzwilliam, Emmanuel, Gonville & Caius, New Hall
Health, Safety and Welfare Officers: Maya Hodgson, Will Yates mah232, wjy21 Fitzwilliam, St John’s

Please feel free to get in touch with any members of the committee (all e-mail addresses are of the form [crsid] unless otherwise noted, with crsids being found in the third column of the table above).