The Committee

Photographs and profiles of the members of this year’s committee (2020-2021) can be found here:

The CUH&H Committee 2020-2021:


President: Prof. Joan Lasenby jl221 Trinity College
Vice Presidents: Dr Simon Rutherford

Dr C.J.R.Thorne

Dr James Gill

Dr Mark Coley

Mr Josh Carr

Mr Su-Min Lee

Mr Iain Davies


St Catharine’s College

Hughes Hall

Wolfson College

Jesus College



Senior Treasurer: Prof. Neil Mathur ndm12 Churchill College
Club Captain: Joe Massingham jtm44 Pembroke
Women’s Captain: Phoebe Barker prab2 Robinson
Honorary Secretary: Emily Bradley eb739 Queens
Men’s Vice Captain: Jeremy Dempsey jsgd2 Girton
Women’s Vice Captain: Helene Greenwood heg37 Lucy Cavendish
Junior Treasurer: Angus Harrington ah2077 Johns
Press Officers: Hamilton Allport and Luke Fisher ha407, lcbf2 Johns, Trinity Hall
Social Secretaries: Helene Greenwood, Lydia Carter and Tom Kearns  heg37, lgc28, tank2 Lucy Cavendish, Johns , Wolfson
League Organisers: Mark Poynting, James Blackwood, Clara Jarvis and Heather Corden mrp65, jb2298, cj430, hac57 Selwyn, Girton, Girton, Pembroke
Kit Secretary: Henry Silverstein hes71 Gonville and Caius
Sponsorship and Alumni Secretary: Luke Fisher lcbf2 Trinity Hall
Website and List Manager: Thomas Christie thwc3 Pembroke
Transport Secretary: Jeremy Dempsey jsgd2 Girton
Marathon Secretary: Angus Harrington ah2077 Johns
Boundary Run Organiser: Pete Cameron, Aidan Rigby and James Ackland pjc96, acgr2, jaa65 Johns, Selwyn, Emmanuel
Development Squad Leaders: Samantha Friedman, Andy Everall and Libby Brown saf64, asfe2, erb64 St Edmund’s, Hughes Hall, Jesus
Health, Safety and Welfare Officer: Nancy Scott and James Coxon  nes37, jwmtc2 Newnham, Jesus

Please feel free to get in touch with any members of the committee (all e-mail addresses are unless otherwise noted).