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If you are interested in running and you are starting at Cambridge University, whether you are be an undergraduate, postgraduate, post-doc, or professor, this page is for you.

You could come to Cambridge and have a pretty good time. You study hard but go out and enjoy yourself. All the conventional things you’d expect from your University experience. Or you could have all this but make your time here truly memorable by getting involved with the Cambridge University Hare and Hounds. Hopefully this website will give you an idea of what’s on offer but it cannot do the experience justice. It’s intangible. You have to experience it to find out. So come and be part of one of the oldest and best running clubs in the world.


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The best way to keep up to date is to sign up to the training mailing lists here, where the weekly training is emailed round on Sunday evenings. The club also runs a number of public mailing lists, each with their own independent membership, a description of each can be found below.

The Training Mailing List:

This is exclusively for important information regarding training, races and other events. While everyone on the list receives the emails, only a few select committee members can post to it. Any mail sent to the list from a University of Cambridge address by unauthorised senders is diverted to the moderators who may forward it to the list if they consider it appropriate. This is a low-volume mailing list.

The Discussion Mailing List:

This is used for general discussion on running or non running-related issues. If the post involves running, then feel free to use this list. Any member can post to this list.

The Easy Runs Mailing List:

This is used for organising easy runs, and is primarily used by our development squad leaders.

The Marathon Mailing List:

This is used for matters concerning marathon training. Any member can post to this list.

The Women’s Squad List:

This is used to organise specific sessions for the women of the group. Note the a in the email list name!

The Alumni List:

This is used to keep alumni updated with news/events which are relevant to them.

How to subscribe and unsubscribe

You are free to subscribe and unsubscribe at any time by visiting, where with your Raven* password, you’ll be able to look up the above groups and request membership. Once a member, you can use this website to manage your subscriptions or to unsubscribe. It is possible to receive a digest of the day’s posts too, and also temporarily stop receiving posts without actually unsubscribing. All this can be done through the web interface. Alternatively, you can email the list owners on soc-cuhh-owner at lists dot cam dot ac dot uk, asking which mailing lists you’d like to be added to.

Simple, eh?

*NB for those not using their @cam address (eg using hotmail/gmail etc) to manage your subscription without a Raven password you need to go to and then type in the name of the mailing list you wish to manage (eg soc-cuhh-ez) and then at the bottom of the next screen you can enter your email address and hit the ‘unsubscribe or edit options’ box. On the next screen you will have to request a password which will be emailed to your registered address, and then that will give you access to the settings.

How to post
Once you are a member you can send a message to everyone in the list by addressing the email to the relevant address (as shown at the top of the screen). Please remember that your message will go to lots of people so make sure it is relevant to that mailing list and does not cause offence.

Reading the FAQ may answer many of your questions but if you have any more please get in touch with the Club Captain whose contact details can be found here. In fact we would like to hear from you anyway. Just drop us a quick email telling us about yourselves and add yourself to the facebook group.


Member or not, you are welcome to attend any of the training sessions or college league races. However, if you’d like to take part in club races, you are required to join.

Memberships can be purchased for different periods of time. If your membership expires during your degree, for instance you are doing a 6 year degree, then you will be required to pay a membership fee again in order to continue to be a member.

Membership Form

Membership form can be found here. This is still being tested, so please email the webmaster ( if you have any difficulties.