Boundary Run 2024 Entry Form

Thank you for entering the Cambridge Boundary Run 2024! This edition will be held on the 10th of March 2024 – save the date! To enter, please fill in the form below (required questions are marked by an asterisk) and pay the entry fee (£23, discounted to £19 for students). T-shirts are an additional £16.90, and as a reminder, the t-shirt size conversions are shown below. For more information about the t-shirts, please see our page here.

IMPORTANT NOTE – Please ensure that you fill in all sections marked with an asterisk before submitting. If not, then the form plugin we use can have issues submitting the form, even if all fields are then filled in correctly. If this happens to you, please refresh this page to reset the form and fill it in. If problems still persist, please get in touch with our webmaster, George, at go281[at]

Entry Form