Junior Treasurer

Lawrence Hollom

Lawrence Hollom is a Trinity mathmo who doesn’t fit the usual stereotypes. Whilst it may have been his love of numbers that led him to the Junior Treasurer post, Lawrence is more at home on the race course, tearing up trails, captaining Varsity teams to glory, or expertly supporting his teammates on the side lines. His famous performance in the pink rabbit onesie of our club mascot Chuggs Bunny is credited as the clinching factor in the club’s silver medal at BUCS in February. When he’s not running, his attempts to conquer the chocolate kilo challenge never fail to inspire awe in onlookers but do lead many to wonder just why this man wants to push his body so close to the lethal dose of cocoa so disturbingly often. Lawrence has also promised to use the investment banking skills he’ll be learning over the summer to good use in the club, so expect to arrive to Varsity in stretch limos in December.