Junior Treasurer

Lawrence Hollom

Lawrence is a Trinity mathmo, but keep reading, its all uphill from here! Hollom returns to the committee as treasurer for the second year in a row, and also takes on the joint role of EZ running officer.

This latter commitment is an ironic choice, as Lawrence does not find running easy (or indeed EZ) by any estimation. Frequently found sidelined with a broken bone, muscle or tendon (or on occasion, all three at once), Lawrence was in 2018-19 awarded the Iain Davies Award for Not Doing Any Running. Nonetheless, he is an approachable and enthusiastic runner with a combined session-and-social attendance rate matched only by the most indoctrinated dedicated Haries.

Other than being injured, Lawrence’s hobbies include tungsten-observation, Chuggs Bunny wearing and being really very good at maths. No amount of speculation seems likely to settle the debate on whether his future career will be in mascotry or investment banking, but we can be sure that in the meantime he will keep the CUHH books in fine condition.