Transport Secretary

Jeremy Dempsey

Did you know Jeremy is at Girton?

Good, now that that especially fun fact is out of the way, we can deal with the man himself. Dempsey was re-elected this year as transport secretary, on a manifesto with a giant number 0 to denote the number of late busses over which he presided last year. However, newer members of the club may be unaware that this is just the latest in a long-established trend of Jeremy bringing absolutely nothing to the table. Blues matches? Nada. Successful captaincy runs? Zilch. Good chat on Strava? You’ve got to be joking.

A more impressive zero is the one located in the seconds column of his mile PB. Of course, he’s far too polite to admit it himself, but there’s a longstanding rumour going round the club that Jeremy is actually “absolutely bloody rapid, mate”. Unfortunately, word of his athletic prowess has long since reached O*ford, so there’ll be no catching them off guard-with his raw pace through the Wimbledon mud. Luckily, however, CUH&H have reintroduced the element of surprise in our Tactical Dempsey™ by varying his availability with a highly unpredictable series of strategic injuries. When the time is right, he’ll strike in the day, but until then it’s afterparty victories that Jeremy’s chasing.

The last thing you need to know about our once and future transport secretary is how Harey he is. And the answer to that is that he is Harey through and through. In an effort to promote cross training during his most recent strategic deployment to the sidelines, Jeremy co-founded the CUH&HCC. This creation represents a valuable addition to the growing list of Harey sub-societies, as well as to the dictionary of near-indecipherable acronyms in general circulation in the club. IAIKTJ, it’s Jeremy, and we all hope he’ll get a chance to bring that Harey spirit to a non-zero number of busses this year.