Men’s Vice Captain

Jeremy Dempsey

“It’s not that far away and it has a big Sainsburys!”

The words of a man in denial. Despite living in a far-flung corner of the Cambridge universe, Jeremy is one of CUHH’s most promising athletes. He almost made it to the start of the Blues XC race, almost ran a sub 4-minute mile and was almost in the top 10 at BUCS XC (for the first half of the race anyway). These are impressive statistics, even more so for an individual who knows the numbers of the international distance running scene by heart. His Power of 10 knowledge is flawless and he certainly knows your PBs better than you do.

Jeremy is nothing if not an icon in the fashion industry. Always attired in suitably bold CUHH stash and the proud owner of a speedsuit (#aeroiseverything), he made an incredible entrance to the global arena by challenging the one and only Eliud Kipchoge to a dressing gown-off. Not content with just wearing stylish clothes he soon took to ordering them for other people, and along the way saved our woolly hats from the jaws of their own manufacturer. Rumour has it there is a rogue fleece on the market emblazoned with the initials ‘CB’, after the example order on his spreadsheet (with the apt name of Chuggs Bunny) was accidently submitted to the supplier.

Daily routines include eating pasta (or sugar) by the kilo, tagging girls in memes and burning up West Cambridge at every opportunity. His biscuit consumption is unmatched, giving weight to the Cox Theory that “no carb is a bad carb”. But theory is not all, and Jeremy is somewhat of an experimentalist, as he is currently testing a new educational tool whereby athlete-medics learn their anatomy through injuring each part of their body over the course of a 3-year undergraduate degree.

His couch-to-5k plan, developed from his own training, takes only 10 days and guarantees to elevate you from zero fitness to a world beater. His love of the fast miles does sometimes prove to be his undoing, with a naughty 14-mile tempo (“just a cheeky bit of progression”) ending his shot at Varsity glory. This being said, we trust that Jeremy will get a grip on the more structural aspects of his body and will perform well in the upcoming season. Even if he doesn’t, he has found satisfactory employment in cooking dinner for female athletes while they go training without him.

All in all, Jeremy is a class athlete, a core member of the club and will be a supportive and guiding figure over the coming year.