Men’s Vice Captain

Luke Fisher

Ironically, Mr Fisher is good at pretty much every outdoor activity other than fishing (but even then I’m making assumptions and know nothing about Luke’s fishing career).

A man of many talents, and the saviour of all things STASH, Luke has turned his hands from kit sec to men’s vice.

Perhaps akin to the title, you might say our vice comes with his own vices – having started life in Cam with the cycling club (questionable?). But Luke soon found his senses – ran a legendary win of men’s thirds in 2017 and served as a key member of last years IIs –  but most importantly has become an absolute pillar of the Harey family (aww). When not running, he finds himself riding cool bikes, climbing strange walls, swimming in the Cam (?) and is generally good at prioritising the important things in life. If Luke does anywhere near as good a job as vice as he did as kit sec, we will eat O*****s short, short shorts.