Men’s Vice Captain

Paddy Hickey

Paddy Hickey: the club’s most promising Irish philanthropist, footballer, wine downer, neck romancer and maybe athlete.

Hickey is a man of many talents. From establishing his own charity ‘Irish to Oxbridge’, to claiming he would have been a pro footballer if had not injured his knee and holding the world record for the 200m followed by a bottle of wine: is there anything he can’t do?

Although supposedly a budding lawyer, it is rumoured that his most impressive talents lie in Quantum rizzics (turns out ‘hickey’ is more than just a surname). But maybe he just has a very aggressive hoover? This seems unlikely: after all, he was CUHH Gossip Girl runner-up for most desirable Harey, some would even say the ideal man. Ladies, no age is off limits: when Phoebe is around, he is never more than 2m away and word on the street is that he is partial to a fresher.

He is of course a talented athlete too, bruising his way to a stellar 800m pb at Watford (#cheekysub2) and an impressive 15:36 5km back in Ireland. Paddy has also represented the men’s IIIs at XC. Make no mistake, he did turn down Blues and, in the process, showed himself to be a true team player.

Jokes aside, this year’s Men’s Vice-Captain and Social Sec is one of the most fun, friendly, and hilarious people you will ever meet, and I am so excited to see where he will help take the club over the next year.