Men’s Vice Captain

Max Walk

Despite having only been running with the Hareys for two terms, Max is already a core part of the club, integral to this year’s successes at Varsity and BUCS, both on the field and off. With an undergraduate degree at Birmingham under his belt, Max brings a range of experience to his joint roles of transport sec and men’s vice-captain. There are rumours of a by-foot transportation policy which – while it would do wonders for the club finances – we hope that Max leaves by the wayside in favour of a solution faster than his namesake.

With a long history of family rivalries between the House of Walk and the House of Running (the latter most memorably giving us Thomas Running, with the former claiming intellectual precedent as running was of course invented in the attempt to walk twice at the same time), it is a bold move for Max to find himself as vice-captain of what is ostensibly a running club. However, with ambitions already hinted at for coming election cycles and desires to be delegated to expressed, it remains to be seen whether the nominative hurdle can be cleared, or if Max will be left walking.