Men’s Captain

James Rennie

James is a second year at Catz and the 22-23 men’s captain. A rare humanities-studying Harey, James has plenty of time to devote full commitment to the Hareys (when he’s not preoccupied with various Wordle offshoots). James has all the qualities of a good captain – his organisation has already come to the fore, having put his geography degree to good use with a colour-coded spreadsheet of upcoming races. Last year, as press and pub officer, James grew the club Instagram account to new heights, building it up to an impressive 111 more followers than O*ford at the time of writing; his experience with the committee stands him in good stead for this year. When he’s not with his harem, James is a verified Strava connoisseur, with an average kudos-ing time of 4.3 seconds.

After studiously studying the illumileati code, James has grown out of previous NARPy behaviour (winning the Berlin marathon) to become a key member of the Hareys. A two-time survivor of Road Toft, member of the winning blues XC team and fastest fresher at Virtual Cuppers, James is speedy over all terrains, whether smooth tarmac, the grittiest of XC courses or the track.