Men’s Captain

Alex Beeston

There are few things in life more predictable than our Men’s Captain finding himself back in the physio’s chair having picked up a new injury or after another humbling defeat by Coldhams Common – currently stands at two from two. His list of injuries has become so extensive it is rumoured that the club physio has had to invest in a new hard drive to store them all. Notable injuries include being taken out by a chain, by a rabbit hole, by a pavement, and most recently, by a Harey’s sister.

Alex boasts an impressive history of running success and has enjoyed a number of highlight races with both his home club in Tonbridge and the Hareys. He took to running by himself early in his school career beginning to race as soon as he could. One of his first races was spontaneously held at Nandoes, where, after a lengthy bathroom break, it is rumoured that he managed to finish very quickly. Occasionally, however, Alex gets a little distracted and in one amusing blunder last year he even managed a start in a Kent Schools League race, luckily realising his error amongst all the UCAS commotion! More recently, Alex has placed great emphasis on the warm-ups with a serious stretching period pre the Varsity races. His performance, however, really is the crux of the race and when all goes well a lucky observer may hear his squeal of delight, or as witnessed at BUCS, the delight of Squeal. 

Despite the injury setbacks and a winter spent watt biking, Alex can turn on the burners on command, boasting a 1:55 for the 800 this summer followed by an impressive sprint finish to win the mighty Freshers 5km in 15:03. It will be exciting to see what performances Alex can achieve as Men’s Captain, hopefully, this includes shattering his 30 minute pint time.