Men’s Captain

Henry Silverstein

After attending a training camp before even starting at Cambridge, Henry has grown into a core member of the Harey family. He fits many of the traits needed for a strong captain, knowing your Power of 10 profile better than you do and possibly never having broken any rules in the Illumileati code. However, he sets himself above from the rest having never joined the ever growing brigade of vaporfly simps and cheats. He is in many ways a traditionalist in this respect. In fact, he only recently upgraded from tracking his training with just a Casio, pen and paper, which was already an upgrade on using the suns placement to measure the length of his runs. Luckily for us, we can now view his training in an array of high resolution colour pixels on Strava, including getting a glimpse of his huge SLRs.

Henry’s proven his versatility over the last year whilst we’ve had to sadly keep the spikes in the cupboard. His stash catalogue brought a ray of light in the darkest of winter months, with bolder and better items than we could have dreamt of. We also all got to witness his poetic brilliance with his debut single ‘hurts so bad,’ which brought him home the coveted Harey Factor title. All in all, with his creativity, knowledge, running ability and dedication to this club, one thing is clear, we are in safe hands this year with Henry as our men’s captain.