Social secretaries

Angus Harrington

The John’s engineer and two lap specialist returns to the committee this year as Social Sec and Men’s Vice-Captain.  Whether it’s swaps, bops or even precarious shoulder rides, Angus Harrington certainly knows how to have a good time- and with previous experience as Junior treasurer, Angus’ investment in the proverbial session will ensure that the way you spend the night will always pay dividends of fun.


Anna Anderson

Anna is a natsci at Queens’ in her 3rd year,

And joined the club to continue her running career.

This year she’s has taken the role of social sec,

(been to a harey social before did we check?)

She’s fun and easy going,

Spent her first two years pretending to like rowing,

But finally got sick of boat club events,

And has seen the light of hunting segments.

She enjoys the odd ride around town,

And is here to rebuild our social lives post lockdown!

Lucy Carson

LuC your trusted social sec, she sure knows how to parT. As a leading lady at John’s and a general BNOC, she has those connections to rustle up a pretty cool CUHH social calendar. Catch her dropping shapes on the D floor (it’s good cross training, am I right) or sipping her beloved tea with a movie. Although her main aim of the year is to tackle the mystery that is ‘being a social, elite athlete’. Send your hangover tips to

Libby Brown

Libby Brown is a Chemistry PhD student who spent her first year at Cambridge denying that she would ever want to run more than 10-12 miles at a time. She’s now caught the long-distance bug and even undertook a ‘Three Marathons in Three Days’ challenge in spring 2021. When she’s not tearing up the track/cross country course, running long, or conducting experiments in the lab, you’re likely to find her baking (check out her creations @brownbreadbaking on Instagram).