Social secretaries

Amber Wright

It goes without saying that Amber is a well-rounded and naturally talented athlete – from cross country to steeplechase to half marathons to hurdles, she is an experienced runner, to say the least. The half marathon saw Amber running the cliffs of Brighton and hills of the South Downs instead of intense revision. Extreme procrastination, you may suggest, and you’d be wright. However, how much she actually runs is a mystery as her training is kept very secret.

Among her most commendable athletic achievements was her last-minute call-up for the varsity 400m hurdles. Despite the desperation of the captain to try and find anyone else, she had a good run and blames this for her major loss in the steeplechase in the afternoon. Rumour has it that Amber can also pole vault but the pole vaulting squad wasn’t as desperate as the hurdles team.

Her chat and encouragement in runs and training sessions along with her commitment to varsity and annual dinners, means her place in the social sec squad is well deserved. But if you then count the number of nights out Amber has in Cambridge you may think she’s overqualified for the job and there are serious worries that some of her socials may get out of hand. 

Being only a stone’s throw from SJP, Amber’s time management is atrocious – some of us run/cycle for 15 minutes to arrive at 7:20 runs yet Amber consistently breaks the 3 minute rule and has been left behind on more runs than she would care to let on.

Amber is a NatSci and keeps quiet about her academic endeavours contrary to common practice of some Hareys from said department.

Ellie Taylor

A busy businesswoman (Women’s Vice Club Captain) too.

Patrick Hickey

A man of many talents (Men’s Vice Club Captain) too.