Social secretaries

Helene Greenwood

As the previous Oxford University Cross-Country Club Captain and their Leaving Legend Rep, Helene brings a wealth of experience to her current positions of Women’s Vice Captain and Social Secretary in the CUH&H committee. Helene’s transition from the Dark Side was not always guaranteed to be a smooth one but, luckily for us, she’s shown herself to be a lovely, committed and enthusiastic member of the Club. So far, her standout performances come from both on and off the racecourse: she raced against Oxford in the Blues match, won the College League race series, had a crazy night out after Alvers’ cocktails and has a better attendance record to the socials than the freshers. It’ll be exciting to see what Helene will achieve in these roles once we’re back in Cambridge – hopefully the quiz nights, themed swaps and Pictionary games will continue, along with the regular social events of the Harey calendar!


Lydia Carter

Lydia has demonstrated her exceptional enthusiasm and keenness by joining the CUH&H committee in her first year. Within months of taking her first supervision she was already putting down solid times at Varsity and BUCS! Lydia aims to follow in the footsteps of all great Harey social secretaries striking a careful balance between morning runs and Sunday Life. She has honed an impressive skill of returning home from Vinyl on any two feet other than her own (gotta save those legs for race day). With such an expert training formula we’ll be looking forward to more big racing performances over the coming years.


Tom Kearns

Tom Kearns at the ripe old age of 42 decided to have one last time in the sun running for Harey Social Sec. The self-proclaimed dictator of the 7:20 has been a Club stalwart for many a year although few now can remember how many. A Wolfson Vet “Kearns” made the logical switch away from 400m running upon coming to Cambridge, after an undergrad at Durham, and hasn’t yet looked back. The former welfare secretary recently swapped his sleazy smiles for more easy miles and we look forward to what he can give to the Harey social scene.