Social secretaries

Alasdair Fletcher

So, let’s set the scene. A bright cold Tuesday morning in January 2024 when Alasdair Fletcher ran 12miles around the sandy environs of Wells-Next-the-Sea. A bright cold Tuesday afternoon, and Falasdair Fletcher has been banned from mentioning that he ran 12 miles that morning. Did he listen? We will let you guess.

 Impressively, this was not even in the top three longest journeys this young man has conducted – he once cycled across America – only recently updating his Facebook profile to remind everyone of this, no doubt in an aim to bring it up even more frequently.

 Many Hareys, this author included, agree there is no man better suited to the role of social secretary, it is rare to find someone quite as reliant on organising their own fun to have a social life.


Perhaps you are not yet convinced- here is the piece de resistance in why he is the winner of fun:

4 second barrier for a pint at BUCS? Smashed it. The peoples’ champion.

 Modest he is not, but in defence his credibility as an agent of fun was solidified when he conquered the chunder mile, then valiantly led the Greyhounds team at the Isle of Man to the semi-finals of the beer race, even gallantly following the others home in in the running.

 Alasdire sets the bar high for those who seek to take on such a busy social agenda. A #dayinthelife of this budding young doctor is exhausting to even write out. He runs, he pretends to be a fresher in his lectures, he peruses soundcloud, and just before bed, he hones his Donald Trump impression, or at least I hope that’s what I’m hearing.

 Yet, miraculously, Aldairlas has found time for a new hobby this year: welfare. He shows welfare, welfare. Welfare shows him welfare. Look no further for confirmation that 2025 will be the year of wholesome socials.

 An American, he has an eclectic collection of skills and connections. Post IOM he took time out of his busy welfare schedule to commission a Skepta x BoneyM remix from a hometown soundcloud DJ wannabe. This heroic act means his ability to be get pulled by a top two welfare officer of 2023/24 will only ever be his second biggest life achievement. If his run as social sec has even half the accomplishments of his life so far, we are in for a treat.

Thomas Dugre

To quote Alex Beeston’s committee profile from last year, looks can be deceiving. While Thomas often runs sessions sensibly in a vintage France top, he is in fact former Swiss junior champion over the 3000m steeplechase, and ran very well at both Blues cross-country and the Cambridge Half this year. Furthermore, despite living in what can only be described as an underground cave and failing to introduce us to his girlfriend on multiple occasions, he is also one of the most sociable members of the club, including travelling for the weekend to BUCS XC in Leeds despite being injured. Such his passion for the Hareys that it even reduced him to tears following one night in Lola’s.

Alongside running, Thomas enjoys cycling, watching 6 economics lectures in a row, Fortnite dances, and wearing football shirts on dates.

Thomas is one of the funniest, friendliest and most approachable people in the Hareys and I have no doubt that he will be an unbelievably good Social Sec with some innovative ideas (just don’t ask about the social he was planning at annual dinner).


Lilian was amongst our Elite Fresher Intake of 2022, and has been impressing us ever since. She improved on her 4th place in the IIs match as a fresher to storm to a very respectable 8th place in the Blues match last December. Mathematicians have since done the calculations on this performance, and have concluded that she is now an Olympic Standard Athlete.

Like many who have come before her, Lillian is a zoology enthusiast, with her favourite animal being the Trumpington Street Alleycat. This sociable and nocturnal species can often be found in their natural habitat, Lola Lo, where they are occasionally seen making acquaintances with the local jacks.

When she isn’t cultivating her zoological skills, Lilllian enjoys running up and down the Cumbrian hills and reminding people how to correctly spell Lillllian. 

Stay tuned for some unmissable socials and serious runs from Lilllllian over the next year!