College League Organisers

Alex Burns

Alex Burns (known to his mates as ‘Burnsy’) is a first year mathmo (N.B. not like other mathmos) at Tit Hall. He is the most enthusiastic man you will ever meet, competing in all races, everything from the mob match at varsity to BUCs XC, and socials (always the loudest Harey at all swaps and loves a good cake party). Burnsy is very fond of a dm at all hours and analysing his chance of making the blues 5k team. He is definitely a central Harey (the numerator to the Harey denominator) and will be a fantastic college league officer (he’s already looking at Jack’s sponsorship).


Anna Kelly

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Amber Wright

Amber is a second year NatSci at Trinity. Her commitment to the College League is exemplified by her attendance at every single College League race this academic year despite having Saturday lectures to contend with. She has also braved freezing temperatures and gale-force winds to compete for CUH&H at II-IVs Varsity XC and embarked on three separate journeys to London in less than a month to race at BUCS XC and National XC as well as Hyde Park Relays. Yet it seems she is not content with accomplishing only the conventional aim of getting across the finish line of a gruelling XC course. She demonstrated this first by impressively negotiating the mud at BUCS XC with only one shoe on and later by increasing the distance of her race at National XC running in the senior race rather than U20. Racing prowess aside Amber is an exceptionally cheerful and approachable member of the club. This is reflected in her drive to encourage wider participation in the College League among Freshers and those new to racing.