College League Organisers

Alex Burns

The infamous Alex Burns AKA Burnsy returns to the committee as head college league officer. The second-year mathmo is no stranger to crunching the numbers on the notoriously fiendish College League Excel Spreadsheet, having spent last year also as a college league officer. In fact, his continued enthusiasm at all the fixtures last year even earnt him a place on the Tab’s BNOC list – how many other mathmos can say the same? Whilst competing himself, Burnsy has run a super speedy 75:15 at the Cambridge Half, making him the 12th fastest V50 in the entire country, and captained the IVs at Shotover. We are all excited to see what devious courses Burnsy can dream up for us next year – rumour has it 18 laps of Churchill are on the cards.

Iain Davies

Where to start with Iain Davies? Secretary. Captain. Boundary Run Officer. Vice President. And now, coming to a green space near you, the man who once ate a kilogram of camembert will be organising what will surely go down in history as one of the college leagues of all time.

Rumour has it that if you look hard enough, Iain is the one pulling the strings of every captain of the last few years. (But who puppets the puppeteer? Is it marionettes all the way down?) With influence as extensive as Iain’s, it’s unthinkable that the races of the next twelve months could be anything other than a success.

But this unbridled power is not without its critics: past captaincy candidate and competitor to our college league collaborator, one Mr P. R. Aste brought the moniker ‘Crooked Iain’ into common parlance. Though Mr Aste failed to be elected—defeated by his contorted counterpart—he tabled the questions for discussion. Should one man have so much power? Should college league too be brought into his domain? And just what is this ‘office’ he claims to frequent? But question as we may, Iain is here, and Iain is college league officer. Long may he reign.

Niamh Thompson

Failing to choose a running club within which she’s the first Niamh, Niamh Thompson has been branded baby Niamh since her arrival at Cambridge and has proved just as wholesome as the original Niamh. Niamh’s commitment to the extra mileage is demonstrated in her choice of college being closer to Gog Magogs than SJP. This extra mileage paid off, as she kicked off her Cambridge running by placing third in the Varsity II’s race securing a dominant Cambridge win.

Unbeknownst to many, Baby Niamh has been looking to rebrand to Small Niamh, despite being rather tall; tall enough to leap her way to a BUCS final in steeplechase. With the former achievement only earning her description of “wasn’t great but alright” we’re looking forward to seeing her represent Blues in Varsity Steeplechase. With all this water jump experience I have high hopes for a river crossing making an appearance in College League races.