College League Organisers

Nancy Scott, Mathew Harris and Mark Poynting 

Mark Poynting

“Mark has methodically bounced into Hare and Hounds in his first year. He was part of the victorious 3rds side at varsity and won overall first in the College League. This year he takes that winning experience into managing the races. With hand gestures of the correct magnitude and direction he will be guaranteed to make sure you head in the right direction. If you’ve any questions about the college cross-country races feel free to ask him and receive a calm, collected and friendly reply.”

Nancy Scott

“Nancy even just finishing second year has made a huge mark on the club. It really must be something when she is best known for being the kindest Harey out there despite being the 2018 Blues Varsity Match winner. With her persistent “can do” attitude and enthusiasm for all things XC she shall be a real asset to the College league.

Mathew Harris