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This is the Cambridge University Hare and Hounds’ website.

The Hare and Hounds is the University’s Running Club. It is one of the oldest running clubs in the world dating back to 1880 and one of only twelve full-Blue sports clubs at Cambridge.

We aim to be an open and inclusive club with no tolerance for discrimination in any form. Whatever your background or ability level, you will be very welcome in the club, we only require that you are keen to run.

This website will give you an idea of what’s on offer but it cannot do the experience justice, it’s intangible. You have to experience it to find out. So come and be part of one of the oldest and best running clubs in the world.

September Training Camp

STC will be at Glenbrook Activity Centre in the Peak District from the 9th – 16th of September. We will be doing lots of running and other fun activities, like trips to local attractions, games and kilo challenges. It should be great fun and a good way of preparing for the cross country season.

Everyone is welcome, especially incoming freshers. There’s no minimum standard of running required, and groups will be running at a wide variety of paces and distances. Alumni are also welcome, but there are only 30 spaces available, so priority will be given to current students and incoming freshers. Sign up fast to avoid disappointment!

The expected cost is around £90 – £100 for food and accommodation for the entire week, plus travel and any extra activities: great value for a week away. We will try and minimise costs for the group wherever possible. Of course, you will pay less if you stay for fewer nights.

This is also the first year that we are able to offer a discount to any student on the Cambridge Bursary! Following the suggestion of Dev Squad Leader Julia Jakob, it was agreed by the committee that bursary students will get a refund of £30 if they are paid-up club members and attend a CUHH training camp for any number of days. Requests for such refunds should be made in confidence to the Senior Treasurer, Neil Mathur (ndm12@cam.ac.uk), and must be supported by suitable evidence, to be submitted by 21/08. Claimant identities will not appear on any accounts spreadsheet, and will be known only to the Senior Treasurer, with one possible exception: the claims and supporting information will be logged as receipts by the Senior Treasurer, and claimant identities will thus be available to the auditor (internal to the University). The auditor has been advised about the need for confidentiality.

To confirm your place, please transfer a £25 deposit to the club account by the 21st of August. The deposit will become non-refundable after 21/08.

Hope to see lots of Hareys there!

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Be part of its future. Be part of its history.

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