Mob Match Captains

Matthew Blacker

After leading CUHH to its first men’s mob victory in 7 years, Matthew (better known as Blacker) is looking to replicate the success on away turf at Oxford in November.

Blacker has many skills that will make him a great mob match captain, most importantly his unnaturally loud voice, perfect for giving us a rousing speech ahead of battling it out with Oxford. 

In his spare time Blacker does a Physics PhD. In the most basic terms that I could understand, he’s using numbers to understand how the universe works (or something clever like that). One look at his Strava clearly shows he brings his love of large numbers to the very long distances he runs (he definitely doesn’t mention he runs ultramarathons). Let’s hope it also shows in the mob match turnout.

With Blacker leading runs, our social runners can expect a lot of Aussie based chat mainly how much better the weather is in Australia, what’s happening in the cricket at the moment (who knew there was so much to say about the most boring sport in existence) and confusing everyone with Australian slang. Hopefully Blacker won’t be given too much power or else we can also expect Fun Shirt Friday to become a mandatory session.

All jokes aside, Blacker is going to make an excellent mob match captain and I’m sure I speak for others when I say that his encouragement and friendly face has helped to motivate them to take their running more seriously. I’m certain he’ll inspire another huge turnout at Shotover in November.

Zara Yamani

From welfare to boundary run to mob match, we can firmly say Zara’s dabbled in all Harey departments, bringing breadth and depth to her new role. Not only does this set her up for a promising well experienced term in office, but will translate well onto the Oxfordshire grass too on the big day.

How can we be assured that our mob match recruits will not get lost mid-race under the mob-matcher’s supervision, I hear you ask. Well, as many will know, Zara recently took a trip to Albania, and it’s just as well she did. Sticking to the course at hand has never mattered so much as it did in the rugged mountain terrain and bear territory that is the Albanian Alps. This alone should be enough to convince mob match recruits of the capable Bear Gryll-esqe hands they are in when it comes to ensuring all stick to the route as planned. 

With seasoned medical years under her belt and one in the humanities, all-roundedness and ease of conversation would be an understatement of her assets. Not to mention the fact that she lives a stone’s throw away from the Harey training ground that is Churchill, so ease of access to potential runners is no limitation for Zara. 

Nothing more really needs to be said, apart from Zara’s stellar title of 2021’s Harey-est fresher. If that doesn’t shout commitment to the cause of the club then I don’t what does. If recruitment benefits from a friendly face, stellar Harey attributes, and a first aid qualification then we need look no further than Zara.