Core Strengthening Exercises


You should be doing these whether you’re injured or not. A stronger core both makes you quicker and reduces injury risk when you run as it keeps your running form balanced for longer when you’re tired.


Almost literally anywhere: college gyms, your room, random open spaces in the library… Hareys do strength and conditioning circuits on Wednesday afternoons with the triathlon club during term time – check the training email list to sign up.

How should I train?

There’s a lot of information out there, so this is just an example (doing 6-10+ exercises for 30s-60s with short recoveries in between each exercise as a general template). As you find it easier it’s good to make the reps longer and recoveries shorter. Some example exercises could be:

  • Front plank
  • Dead- bug
  • Shoulder taps from press- up position
  • Right side plank
  • Left side plank
  • Crunchies
  • Straight leg raises
  • Bicycles
  • Press- ups

We’ll get a video that runs through a harder example soon

General Advice

Try as much as possible to concentrate on your form when doing core strength work. You might find some exercises are particularly difficult – it’s better to do fewer reps and get your technique right than to do more and fall apart.