Running routes

Cambridge is ideal for cross-country running as you are never far from the open country. Some of the more popular Hare and Hounds routes are listed below. The distances and terrain varies from route to route, with some on tarmac, some on gravel footpaths, and some across open fields. The level of mud varies too, though this is of course weather dependent…


Weekday Runs


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Baits Bite - 13km
Fen Ditton - 8km
Grantchester - 10k
Hill Run - 14km
Grange Road Fields - 10km
Cabbage Patch - 13km

Sunday Long Runs (Generally 18 kilometres or more)


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Haslingfield - 21km
Histon Busway - 22km
Lode - 23km
Comberton- 20km
Waterbeach - 19km

The Mega Runs – 25km +

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Ely - 28km
Mega Toft - 29km