College League

Chris Brasher College League

The Chris Brasher College League consists of four races during the Michaelmas and Lent terms: Freshers’ 5k, Cuppers, Coldham’s Common and the West Cambridge 5k. Since 2004, the league has been named after Chris Brasher, one of the greatest athletes ever to run for Cambridge. Chris studied at St John’s College and won gold in the steeplechase at the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne. He sadly died on 28th February 2003, but having also founded the London Marathon, his legacy remains.

Individual and college standings will be published after each race.

Freshers’ 5k

Date: early October (first Saturday of Michaelmas Term)
Distance: 5km
The Freshers’ 5k takes place at the end of Freshers’ Week and is the first race of the College League. It is usually very popular with people of all standards, with over 100 runners normally taking part. The men’s and women’s races start at the same time, but scoring is separate. The route begins with a lap of the Wilberforce Road athletics track, followed by a lap of the West Cambridge Site and then another lap of the track to finish. The course is flat and all on track/tarmac.


Date: mid-November
Men’s Distance: 10km
Women’s Distance: 6.4km
This is the second race of the College League and is also the main college championship race. In 2019, it is also the selection race for the II-IVs and the Blues Varsity Matches and will be held at the Gog Magog Hills, just outside Cambridge.

Coldham’s Common

Date: mid-January
Men’s Distance: 9.6km
Women’s Distance: 5.6 km
This is the first college league race of Lent Term and is also the selection race for the men’s BUCS A team. It takes place at Coldham’s Common, which is a park on the outskirts of Cambridge. The course is flat and is almost completely on sports pitches, grass and woodland trails.

West Cambridge 5k

Date: late-February/early-March
Distance: 5km
This is held on the same course as the Freshers’ 5k, and is the final race of the College League, so frequently decides the individual and college standings. It is also a great race for those transitioning from cross-country to the track season in the summer.