Website managers

Eliot Nevill

Having masterminded the move to the new website Eliot Nevill has a wealth of experience as webmaster. The 3rd year Physics Emma undergrad has worked in tech companies already and has certainly made the new website professional. As a runner Eliot has been a strong fixture in the 2nds team and has been training hard over the season. When he’s not running or building websites Eliot can be found enjoying Cambridge’s nightlife and has even been rowing once or twice!

Aidan Rigby
In need of moral, spiritual or emotional guidance? Orienteerer-cum-runner Aidan will show you the way. As a fresher Aidan was quick to get involved in the club, joining the sub-genre of CUOC members who also run for CUHH. Unsuprisingly, the nationally ranked orienteer also happened to be quite good at cross country, with strong performances at BUCS and other races. Always carrying a smile, Aidan is liked by all in the club and will hopefully do many more great things in the years to come!

Eliot Nevill (111)

Aidan Rigby