Website Manager

Thomas Christie

Our last line of defence against a digital dark age, Thomas Christie returns for a third year as Website Manager. The Lincolnshire man is no stranger to technological challenges and has overcome many during the course of his Compsci degree. Equipped with plenty of coding experience and a healthy appreciation for a good neural network, Thomas will bring all of his skills to the table to keep our website functioning as smoothly as ever.

Thomas is a familiar face on local running routes and at local physios in equal measure, and this year will continue his quest to finally put his injury woes to bed.  Even more of Thomas’s time will be spent trying (in vain) to find someone (anyone) to finally take over from him as CUH&H Website Manager and allow him to enjoy his retirement in peace.

A third year at Pembroke, Thomas will be making sure you can find this website and read this bio, so at least it’s going well at the moment.