Development Squad Leaders

Sam Woodroff

Dun-de-dun-da, dun-de-da…

Future archaeologist Sam Woodroff has learnt one thing from watching Indiana Jones – the job involves running. A lot of running. So in 2023, he set out to train for the Boundary Run; nothing prepares you for sprinting away from a booby-trap-boulder like slogging it through the muddy fields of Cambridge. And it turns out, he quite enjoyed it! So much so that he continued to enjoy bounding through mud in megacross, cuppers and MOB MATCH. 

Of course, you can’t raid the lost ark or escape the temple of doom without your friends. So this year, as a Social Running Leader Sam wants to bring everyone along for his cross country adventures! Whether it be leading a fun run on a Monday evening, or helping rally the troops to mob match, Sam promises to be a friendly face bringing as many people down to the Hareys as possible. And who knows! You might learn what osteology is along the way


As a new committee member for 24/25, Genny will bring enthusiasm to the role of social running leader. Through a combination of her local knowledge inspiring interesting new routes and linguistic skills ensuring excellent conversation it is going to be exciting year for Harey social running.

Putting a successful long jump career behind her, after developing a fear of sand, Genny made her club debut at September training camp. Now returning from injury, hopefully she can be separated from the Wattbike to lead runs.

I’m sure Genny will do a great job and will bring fresh ideas to the club.