Development Squad Leaders

Samantha Friedman

An American marathon aficionado, Sam is looking to turn her expertise to the role of Development Squad Leader this year. Away from being a great source of advice and support for Hareys of all abilities, she is also prone to running ultras – all whilst continuing her PhD.

Andy Everall

Everyone’s favourite fresh non-fresher, Andy joins the committee’s team of development officers. Andy spends most of his time thinking about the stars and(y) the dot-to-dot drawing involved in identifying constellations has come in (h)andy for designing some excellent Strava art. With a part time interest in low speed aerodynamics, he has often found himself at the front of the pack during windy Churchill sessions and(y) many a Harey are grateful for his presence.

Strong BUCS afterparty performance.

As a certified Nice GuyTM, Andy’s reputation as a supportive and enthusiastic member of the club has spread far and wide, and(y) we look forward to what he can bring to the role in the coming year.

Libby Brown

Introducing our star recruit from the Dark SideTM this year: Libby Brown. Having finally seen the light she as donned the right blue and come to town. The PhD life and long lab hours have begun, making her one of the most committed members of the 7:20 morning run. At Varsity in November she ran in the seconds race, but is rumoured to prefer the middle-distance pace! She’s a keen baker when she has time to burn, and loves to talk about Yorkshire you’ll learn (Yorkshire training camp?!). You’ll be sure to see Libby around, as she is leading the Development Squad as it gets off the ground.