Below are the current rules we will be following as a club. Please read them and adhere to them:
  • Remain in groups no larger than 6. As of 08/10/2020, COVID secure locations are – John’s playing fields and Pembroke playing fields (only attend Pembroke fields during an organised session).
  • If you are allocated a group of 6 for a session, you must not mingle with others outside of this group of 6.
  • Both John’s and Pembroke have given permission for multiple groups of 6 to be present, but no individual groups larger than 6.
  • Fill in the health questionnaire before each interval session at a COVID secure location, and fill in the track and trace form before attending any CUHH organised run – the track and trace form only has to be filled in before the first CUHH run you attend.
  • Track and trace requires you to name anyone you have been within 2m of for 15 minutes or more. Therefore all CUHH runs will be included for track and trace. Any CUHH runs must be tracked on the spreadsheet – put your full name on each run for future reference. Attendance at every session and run will be recorded.
  • Everyone also has a personal responsibility to know who the names of those they have run this in the last 2 weeks.
  • All club events are subject to the clubs health and safety policy and risk assessments – therefore it is necessary to request permission from the Club Captain before advertising an event on platforms including but not limited to Facebook, Whatsapp, and the mailing list.
  • All runs organised via a CUHH platform (such as the Whatsapp) must be recorded in the ‘Group Runs’ spreadsheet for track and trace purposes.


An important point to note is to please put your full name on the ‘Group runs’ spreadsheet. This is for track and trace purposes, so please update the spreadsheet if you have currently only put your first name/nickname.


Useful Links:

  • Health questionnaire/track and trace form to be filled in before attending any CUHH organised run and subsequently before every interval session attended.
  • Sign up for sessions here. You will be put into groups based on ability. Sessions will be organised within these group chats. Note that these groups can change throughout term to find the best arrangement. Please remember to fill in the health and safety questionaires before EVERY session. Remember to social distance at all times.
  • Sign up for general runs and Sunday runs here.
  • Official NHS COVID-19 guidance page.