Women’s Vice Captain

Maya Hodgson

One committee role wasn’t enough for Maya last year, and so at this year’s AGM she decided to take on two. Vice-Captain and Social Secretary will be no challenge for My-ah, as her presidency of Fitz Sports and Societies has left her well equipped to deal with anything that the athletic community has to throw at her. It is widely appreciated that mah232 is somewhat of a BNOC within the Cambridge community, and she engages her adoring fans by frequently dyeing her hair, running half marathons, and going on spontaneous foreign holidays with other clubs *gasp*.

When she’s not spending time with the well-established Harey HaremTM, Maya can be found jumping off hurdles and into small bodies of water, for ‘fun’. As a geographer, she is well-equipped to recognise a beautiful landscape when she sees one and is therefore a huge fan of ‘recovery Churchill loops’. As a side note, this author admires her ability to run at the same time as hard-core gossiping, and it is rumoured that many cups of tea have been spilt on those gravel paths.

Most importantly, MH absolutely loves to dish out kudos on Strava. It doesn’t matter if you have jogged 307m at 9:45min/mile pace, our vice-Captain WILL have liked the activity within 5 minutes without prior hesitation.

Maya has fought many a battle with Oxf*rd over both cross country and track over the past year, with the coming months bound to be no different. She is a core member of the club, with a lot of experience and a great attitude, and I for one am excited to see her excel on and off the track/field over the next year.