Women’s Vice Captain

Ellie Taylor

Ellie is the ideal Harey for Women’s Vice-Captain, not least because her Geography degree provides her with ample time to confront the various and rigorous challenges that the position poses. 

Her decision to simultaneously take on the role of Social Sec would prove difficult for most Cambridge students, but not Ellie. She has been honing her networking and marketing skills for months now, plastering PWC events over her LinkedIn and Instagram accounts as her eager followers await with anticipation for the next WOMEN IN BUSINESS event.  

It is true that sickness has, on more than one occasion, profoundly affected Ellie’s ability to meet her commitments (although it has not affected her degree, because frankly, she has nothing to do). However, after significant scientific and statistical analysis conducted by the PhD students at the Harey house, the cause of her repeated sickness has finally been discovered. Contrary to popular belief that her ill health might be owing to her ropey fake tan, or even to her allergy to plasters, this is in fact not the case. Rather, a case study on her ailment at Varsity has been traced to nine separate males who had all congregated on a Wednesday night at Revs. Ellie’s contribution and personal success at nightclubs have since been recognised as she was awarded the prestigious award of “BUCS Afterparty Winner”.

Ellie’s remarkable ability to maintain so many different activities at once, and to such a high-standard, is nothing short of incredible. She has the potential to transform the Hareys in her newfound role as Women’s Vice-Captain, and there is simply nobody better suited to the job.