September Training Camp 2022

Maia Hardman | Monday, September 19th, 2022

This past week has seen a strong CUHH contingent head to West End in the Yorkshire Dales. In true training camp fashion, we played a game of Empires and dinner (a paella prepared by Head Chef Henry and Sous Chef Angus) took three hours to be served.

The next day, everyone went on a wholesome group run around the reservoir, and lots of bonding was done. The evening entertainment was provided by Iain and Niamh, with the former even treating us to a reenactment of ‘When Harry Met Sally’. It was also at this point that Neil confirmed to us that he does, in fact, know everything, leading ‘The Milky Way Kids’ to a solid victory.

Tuesday saw some 3-, 2- and 1-min reps around yet another reservoir. However, the main effort of the day was the kilo challenges that took place in the afternoon. A special shoutout goes to Ellie Taylor, for eating 1kg of frozen raspberries in 2 minutes and 11 seconds. Other honourable mentions go to Iain Davies, for getting 870g into Colin the Caterpillar, and Angus Harrington, for getting one hot dog sausage away from kilo challenge glory. However, the performance of the day was undoubtedly postgrad fresher Cian Evans-Cowie, who demolished a sizeable pile of pain au chocolat in 9:10, putting our Men’s Captain James to shame (see above picture for the aftermath).

On Wednesday, many people completed double days, earning themselves a trip to a quaint pub called the Stone House Inn. Here, Maya showed everyone up on the pool table, putting the skills she has learned across Europe this summer into good use.

Thursday evening saw everyone take on a CUHH themed Scavenger Hunt, with the aim of using a riddle to find several rogue items left around the accommodation. We also took the opportunity to celebrate Phil’s 10 years at the club, with lots more Harey success no doubt around the corner.

On Friday, we headed back to the reservoir to complete a tempo session in the morning. This was followed by Mental Night, which consisted of several rounds of Back-to-Back, karaoke, Terry’s rave music and even a Reservoir Social.

On Saturday, some went to watch Neil compete in a fell race, whilst others went into Harrogate and Knaresborough. The evening saw a mass clean-up take place, and a much-needed early night, with everyone heading back home on Sunday morning.