London Marathon 2024 Report

Michael Miskin | Thursday, April 25th, 2024

Sunday 21st April saw the 44th running of the London Marathon, and, as ever, a Harey contingent was present for this Varsity Marathon, putting in a strong performance.

On the Women’s side, Stella Wernicke was the first Harey across the line in a time of 2:46:45, followed closely by Eloise Freitag in 2:52:50, both of them earning their Blue. Julia Jakob speedwalked most of the course and has also earned her Blue having run the standard in the Amsterdam marathon back in October. In the Men’s race, Dillon Hobbs (on his year abroad) was the first Harey home in 2:31:10, followed by George Pindar in 2:38:45, George Roberts in 2:40:43 and Freddie Strachan in 2:41:35 – all of whom earnt their Half Blue.

In the end, the Men won their match by 10:59:12 to 11:05:14. The Women’s event was a really close-fought battle but they just missed out by 11 minutes. (Oxf 12:17:54 – 12:29:01 Cam). Two really close matches.

The 45th running of the London Marathon will take place on Sunday 27th April 2025.

Full List of results…

Stella Wernicke 2:46:45
Eloise Freitag 2:52:50
Viviana Rojas 3:12:25
Veronika Golovina 3:37:01
Mary Costanza 3:54:14
Julia Jakob 5:08:04

Dillon Hobbs 2:31:10
George Pindar 2:38:45
George Roberts 2:40:43
Freddie Strachan 2:41:35
John Eves 2:50:47
Matthew Blacker 2:58:09
Will Yates 3:07:53
Oliver Perry 3:41:55