Freshers Fun Run 2018

Jose Gray | Sunday, October 7th, 2018

It’s that time of year again when everyone (well maybe not everyone) is getting just a little excited for cross country to get going and the college league is kicked of with Freshers Fun Run. To give everyone a proper taster of what’s to come as we go into the XC season the weather decided not to play nice, cold rain and a biting wind was not a tempting prospect. Despite this many intrepid runners both old (or very old in some cases) and new  braved the conditions/hangovers to make an appearance and there was an impressive turnout of just over 100 runners.  Another course change to try and make the famously not actually 5k course close to 5k consisted of a lap of a track, a lap of west Cambridge followed by a lap of the track and was predictably flat and fast. After a slight hiccup in the registration and lots of sheltering under cover everyone ventured out onto the track. After being kicked off by Hamilton the race got underway and as usual the weather didn’t seem so bad when the running got going, shout out to the marshals who didn’t get this luxury.  The race was brought home by Tom Kearns , joining an illustrious list of past winners of FFR with an impressive time of 15.31 for slightly under 5k in some quite nasty conditions. First woman in was Niamh running 17.23 the rest of the pack followed thick and fast, with a lot of impressive times for freshers this year is going to see some strong teams for the Hare and Hounds. Post race some cake and sweets were enjoyed, vouchers for free pints at the Radegund (thanks to James deal making skills) were handed out and cool downs run, but sadly the weather meant people weren’t keen to hang around for long with warm showers tempting people away from good chat. Full results will follow shortly.

It’s been great to see so many new people of all abilities, a mammoth tea run, strong poor weather turnout at FFR and a huge long run this morning is very encouraging! The hare and hounds really is a great club so keep coming along!

no photos cause rain + camera = bad soz boz