Photographs and profiles of the members of this year's committee () can be found here:

The CUH&H Committee :

President: Dr Joan Lasenby jl221 Trinity College
Vice Presidents: Dr J.P. Dougherty
Prof. J.E. Field
Dr Ben Hope
Dr D.R. Leggate
Mr A.D. Lemmons
Dr Simon Rutherford
Dr C.J.R.Thorne
Dr A.G. Tristram
Dr James Gill
Dr Mark Coley

Pembroke College
Magdalene College
St John's College
Emmanuel College
Hughes Hall
Girton College
St Catharine's College
Churchill College
Hughes Hall
Wolfson College
Senior Treasurer: Prof. Neil Mathur ndm12 Churchill College
Club Captain:
Women's Captain:
Honorary Secretary:
Men's Vice Captain:
Women's Vice:
Junior Treasurer:
Press Officers:
Social Secretaries:
League Organisers:
Kit Secretary:
Sponsorship and Alumni Secretary:
Website and List Manager:
Transport Secretary:
Marathon Secretary:
Boundary Run Organiser:
EZ Runs Officers:
Health and Safety Officers:

Please feel free to get in touch with any members of the committee (all e-mail address are unless otherwise noted).

To e-mail everyone on the committee (but only if your e-mail address ends, use: soc-cuhh-comm 'at' Messages will be moderated prior to delivery to the committee. N.B. If anyone outside Cambridge wishes to write to the committee, please write to a committee member in the first instance.