The Cambridge University Hare & Hounds Club Constitution

  1. The Club shall be called 'The Cambridge University Hare & Hounds Club'.
  2. Membership is open to members of Cambridge University. Exceptionally, it may be extended to others at the discretion of the Club Captain.
  3. The aims of the Club are:
    1. to promote the sport of cross-country and road running in the University at all levels;
    2. to provide competition for those members who desire it.
  4. The Officers of the Club shall be: President, Vice-Presidents, Club Captain, Men's/Ladies' Captain, Men's Vice-Captain, Ladies' Vice-Captain, Senior Treasurer, Junior Treasurer, Secretary. The Senior Treasurer shall be a senior member of the University. The number of Vice-Presidents is not specified. All Officers shall be elected annually, as specified in Rule 5, at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.

    The Club Captain may be either a male or a female member of the Club. In the event of a male Club Captain there shall be an election for a Ladies' Captain. In the event of a female Club Captain there shall be an election for a Men's Captain.

    The Mens' and Ladies' Captains shall sit on their respective Blues Committees.

    Additional Club posts may be filled by election in the same manner as the Officers, at the discretion of any Annual or Special General Meeting.
  5. In the Lent Term of every academical year there shall be a meeting called the Annual General Meeting of the Club. The Secretary shall give not less than 10 days' notice of the date, time and place of that Meeting. Notice shall be sent either in writing or by electronic mail to each member of the Club.

    At each Annual General Meeting of the Club, the Chair shall normally be taken by the President, otherwise by a Vice-President selected by the President; members shall be appointed to serve for the ensuing year in the Offices specified in Rule 4 and may be appointed to additional posts at the discretion of the Meeting. An Auditor shall also be appointed. All new appointments shall commence on the day following the last day of Full Lent Term.

    In every case where there is more than one candidate for an Office or post an election shall be held. Where there are two candidates for any Office or post, election shall be by a simple majority of votes; votes may be taken by a show of hands, but if any member demands it a written ballot shall be taken. Where there are three or more candidates there shall be a ballot by the procedure of single transferable vote. Members present in person at the Annual General Meeting shall be eligible to cast votes for all Offices and posts apart from Ladies'/Men's Captain as specified in Rule 4. An absent member may cast a vote for Club Captain by a proxy, who shall be named and vote as declared in writing, or by electronic mail sent in advance of the Meeting directly to the President or to a deputy appointed by the President.
  6. At the request in writing of no fewer than six members of the Club the Secretary shall call a Special General Meeting, which shall be conducted in the same manner and have the same powers as an Annual General Meeting.
  7. There shall be a Committee of the Club, consisting initially of the Officers and the holders of such posts as are filled in accordance with Rule 4. The Committee shall have power to co-opt additional members who, except as provided in this Constitution, shall have the same authority as the initial members at meetings of the Committee.
  8. The Senior Treasurer shall submit to the Annual General Meeting accounts for the previous academical year, together with a report of the Auditor. The Senior Treasurer shall not be liable for any debt or other obligation of the Club except where he or she has personally authorised such debt or obligation in writing.
  9. A member of the Club is eligible to compete against Oxford University provided he or she is a bona fide student of Cambridge University, as defined by the Joint Blues Committee of Oxford and Cambridge Universities, at the time of the competition.
  10. Teams to represent the Club, otherwise than in matches against Oxford University, shall be selected by the Captains with the assistance of the Secretary and the Vice-Captains.

    Teams to represent the Club against Oxford shall be selected as follows:
    1. The Men's Blues team by the Men's Captain alone;
    2. The Ladies' Blues team by the Ladies' Captain alone;
    3. The other teams by the Captains, but subject to the approval of the Committee.
  11. The Club colours shall be Cambridge blue vests and black shorts, and such kit may be worn by all members of the Club. In competitions with Oxford University a special kit may be worn.
  12. The annual subscription to the Club shall be fixed by the Committee and shall be due each academical year of membership. Members shall complete a membership form issued by the Junior Treasurer.
  13. Club notices may be displayed on the Club noticeboard in the window of Ryder & Amies, Kings Parade.
  14. The Constitution may be altered by a two-thirds majority of those present and voting at either an Annual General Meeting or a Special General Meeting called for the purpose. The Secretary shall give not less than 10 days' notice of any proposed alteration of the Constitution, the alteration(s) proposed and the date, time and place of the Meeting being specified. Notice shall be sent either in writing or by electronic mail to each member of the Club. Minor amendments to duly proposed alterations to the Constitution may, at the discretion of the Chairman of the Annual or Special General Meeting, be put forward at the meeting itself and voted upon by show of hands. No alteration may be made that would cause the Club to cease to be a charity at law.
  15. In the event of dissolution of the Club, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall be given to a charitable organisation whose objectives are analogous to those of the Club or for such other charitable purposes as may be determined by the Committee.
  16. The club promotes safe training and racing activities, and reviews these regularly. Details can be found in the separate Health and Safety Policy which includes the club's Code of Conduct.

This constitution is also available as a postscript or a pdf file.