Committee Profiles (Senior Members)

This page shows the profiles of the senior members of the committee who you may see around from time to time. If you are interested in the junior members, please click here.

Dr Joan Lasenby - Club President

Joan Lasenby is currently a reader in the Signal Processing Group of the CU Engineering Department and a Fellow of Trinity College. Her research is mainly in the fields of image processing, computer vision and computer graphics, with particular emphasis on optical motion capture and analysis of 3D motion. She is an ex-Blue in cross country, twice winning the Varsity Match, and also athletics, having captained CUH&H way back in 1980. She still competes, but these days mainly against the old ladies.

Prof. Neil Mathur - Senior Treasurer

Neil has been with the club since 1996, and does the Sunday morning run more often than not. He has run a few marathons (see right), but his greatest achievement with CUH&H was to meet the inaugural 100-point challenge on September Training Camp 2003. He is in the Department of Materials Science, and a Fellow at Churchill College, where he did his degree and PhD in Physics. His research group studies materials that display notable electrical and magnetic properties.

Dr Ben Hope - Vice President

Ben Hope first joined the club in 2001, and ran in the Blues race in each of the four years 2002-2005. He was Honorary Secretary in 2003-04 and Club Captain in 2004-05 at the end of which he was made a Vice President. His best races to date were run in his teens, which was a long time ago by all accounts. Nevertheless he was first scorer for Cambridge in the Blues race of 2004, 15th in BUSA in 2003, and ran 67:22 to finish 10th in the Bristol Half Marathon in 2007.

Ben is now a full-time artist based near Greenwich (half a mile from the start of the London Marathon).

Mr A.D. Lemmons - Vice President

Anthony Lemmons is Director of Physical Education, Secretary of the Sports Syndicate and a Fellow of Hughes Hall.

Mr Simon Rutherford - Vice President

Si spent 8 years studying in Cam 1999-2007. This may have been considerably shorter had it not been for H&H keeping him busy; running, eating, drinking and a spot of admin as league organiser, secretary and captain. His running career highlights so far have been winning the inaugural 100 points challenge and the 2006 Chunder Mile. Since leaving Cambridge Si has worked as a motorsport engineer and still runs although is mostly found in the mountains having developed horizontigo after too many miles in the fens. When feeling brave he is most likely spotted at a Varsity Match or Boundary Run.

Dr C.J.R. Thorne - Vice President

Chris Thorne began his athletics life as a hurdler, but joined the CUH&HC in 1955, when its headquarters was still a cottage (with its tin bath) where the University Centre now stands. He is also old enough to have hurdled at Fenners. After returning from a spell in the USA in 1962, to become a Lecturer in Biochemistry, and ultimately the Senior Tutor of St. Catharines, he took up orienteering and the marathon, becoming East Anglian champion in the former, and running in the first London in the latter. He has been Senior Treasurer of CUAC for two lengthy spells, and continues to interfere in athletics and cross-country as a timekeeper and as a Vice-President of the Achilles Club.

Mr William Bowers - Vice President

Will spent his first year in Cambridge misguidedly involved with the cycling club and doing little running, but fortunately for the Hare and Hounds from his second year onwards he was a stalwart member of the club. As a runner he was most in his element when running the hills of Shotover or the mud of southern's. Twice part of a victorious II's team, and 2013 London Marathon hero with a time of 2:43.01, he's no slouch either. Away from racing he has an insatiable appetite for points, and achieving 100pts in a week is no problem when you're the (Tom Milburn aside) points-in-one-day record holder. More recently he's moved focus back to cycling, but once a year the legs (...) get a runout at the Isle of Man Festival.

Mark Coley - Vice President

Mark took up running long distance in 2005 after being challenged to partake in the Freshers' Fun Run by fellow medic James Gill. He's since completed two marathons and thinks nothing about running around Cambridge when he has a few hours to spare. When he's not running he often ends up riding to London for the afternoon with like-minded Hareys, sampling the local watering holes along the way

Varsity Match Progression: 2005-58th (5ths), 2006-57th (4ths), 2007-58th (4ths)

James Gill - Vice President

James Gill, a medic with a back ground in triathlon, caught the cross-country bug upon discovering the Hare and Hounds' unique running formula = passion + lots of fun + amazing people + great cake. Previous committee positions have included College League and Boundary run organiser and Poster Secretary. His running aspirations for the coming season are to avenge the defeat by Oxford at Shotover in the Varsity match and to run the London Flora Marathon, inspired by fellow Graduate medic and mile junky Mark Coley.

Varsity Match Progression: 2005-3rd (5ths), 2006-5th (3rds), 2007-3rd (3rds)

Joshua Carr - Vice President

Josh first got involved with the Hare and Hounds at FFR in 2012 as part of the infamous intake that year. He quickly became involved with the wide variety of club antics and built up a reputation as 'one of life's winners'. First appearing on committee as Boundary Run Officer, the 2014 event went down in history for the notable accomplishment that 'no one died', this was followed by (alumni officer and then) club captaincy in 2015-16 where TNTs and Chill Prout dampened the blow of losing varsity xc. After a brief interlude involving visions of mudless American xc, Josh has returned to Cambridge (with a job!) to enjoy the continued conditioning (read: beatings) British xc has to offer him, and hopes the dividends will pay out come track season.

Varsity Match Progression: Spartans in '12 and '13 then 11th ('14) and 7th ('15) on the Common