h1>Running Routes in Cambridge

Cambridge is ideal for cross-country running as you are never far from the open country. Some of the more popular Hare and Hounds routes are listed below. The distances and terrain varies from route to route, with some on tarmac, some on gravel footpaths, and some across open fields. The level of mud varies too, though this is of course weather dependent... The best way to learn the route is to join the Hare and Hounds on one of their runs.

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The maps open in a new tab, the options bar in the top right corner allows toggling between GPS and Map view. Not all routes start from the same place, although it should be trivial to get from John's plodge to the start point

Weekday Runs (Generally 8 miles or less) - in approximate order of frequency

Baitsbite (12km)- Map

Fen Ditton Run (9km)- Map

Grantchester (11km)- Map

Get to Cambridge Rugby Club. Follow fields, after crossing the road you want to stay left. Turn left as you enter Grantchester and then a sharp right to the Meadows.

Hill Run (15km) - Map

Follow cycle path past West Cambridge Site to Coton. Cross village green and take farm track to Coton Countryside Reserve. Turn right and cross the road. Follow the field boundaries to get to the top of the hill, then down the other side and along by the rifle range. Cross the road and go through the small wood, then cross bridge on your left. Round fields to get into Grantchester, then back by the meadows

The Grange Road Fields Run - Map

The Cabbage Patch Run (12km) - Map

Proceed down Trumpington Street. Cross Brooklands Avenue then immediately take footpath on left following Hobson's Conduit (the stream) south. Left into big field and in far corner of field turn right through bridge under Long Road. Straight along track. Right into Trumpington at T-juntion with square stone. West through streets to Trumpington Road (petrol station). Straight across and follow road into Grantchester. Footpath right (before church) and back into Cambridge via Grantchester Meadows.

Sunday Runs (Generally 9 miles or more)

Haslingfield (18km)- Map

Out along Grantchester to Haslingfield. From there to Hauxton (or Harston +2 km). Return via Trumpington Meadows and Hobson's Brook.

Histon Busway (20km)- Map

Run along Coton, the American Cemetery to Girton and Oakington. Run back along the railway to Histon and then the long way home

The Lode Run (22km) - (Rare) - Map

Out via Fen Ditton, turn East at church. Take footbridge (left) over A14(T). Then straight towards Lode on Railway. Sharp left and use the many footpaths to get to Horningsea. Return on either side of the Cam, use Baits Bite Lock to cross... 14.7 miles (23.7 km).

The Toft Run (20km)- Map

Out along past West Cambridge Site (or via Grange Road Fields) and continue through Coton. Cross a road and turn left, then follow the path to Comberton. Road back through Barton, then straight through fields to Grantchester and back by the meadows.

The Waterbeach Run (20km)-Map

Along the River Cam to Waterbeach and back. For a shorter run, return at Baits Bite Lock (see above).

The Mega Run

To Ely (28km)- Map

Follow the river north until you see a Cathedral. Run to Cathedral. Simple!