The Cambridge Greyhounds - Cambridge University Hare & Hounds' Alumni Club

The Hare and Hounds are keen to keep in touch with past Hareys. That is why we have set up an alumni group especially for Hareys who have left university to keep in touch with each other and the club.

We all have mixed memories of Cambridge: the late nights, the unrelenting deadlines. But then there were the group runs, the countryside, and the club camaraderie of the Hare and Hounds. As an alumnus or alumna of the University, you can stay connected as a Greyhound, updated with news both racing and social, and even get involved with Greyhound events such as the Isle of Man Easter Running Festival and the Hyde Park Relays. If you're interested, then go to this page and sign up to the Alumni mailing list. There will regular updates, just enough to keep you informed on events of interest. Also if you have any questions, then email , the Sponsorship and Alumni Secretary, whose details can be found on the committee page.

And new in 2016 - The Josh Carr's winners button

Has a city left you with some spare money? Do you pine for the open fields once more? Whatever your motive we would love to have you set up a standing order to the club to help it continue it's 'good' work.