Training camps

Don't let the title scare you; CUH&H training camps are a really fun experience for everyone. It's actually more of a holiday where some people will train hard and some will use it as a chance to unwind, but everyone has a great time! No one is forced to do any running if they don't want to! Find out about the next training camp here.

We organise two training camps per year: one at the end of September and one at the beginning of January in a variety of locations across the UK. You are welcome to stay for as much or little of the week as you like.

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For those of you who have never been to a CUH&H training camp, here's what to expect:

You can also expect lots of banter and fun and games. There will be a fair amount of drinking, especially on Thursday which has become known as 'mental night' (in January a beer centurion was completed); but again there is no pressure and you will certainly not be the only one if you don't want to drink.

Freshers who have yet to arrive in Cambridge are more than welcome. It would be the best possible introduction to the club and a great start to your time in Cambridge.

CUH&H training camps are, without fail, simply amazing and unmissable.

Your doubts laid to rest:

Below are a few of the reasons people often conceive for not going. As you will see there is no need to worry about any of them...

The 100 Point Challenge

During the training camp in Malham in September 2003, Darren Talbot initiated the challenge of accumulating 100 points over the course of the camp - one point being awarded for each mile run and each pint drunk. Since then, a tally has been kept on each camp. The entries below are in recognition of those Hareys who have successfully completed the challenge.

January 2015: Josh Carr, Edmund Gazeley, Matt Leach, James Hoad
September 2014: Josh Carr, Matt Leach, Paddy Road, Rich Ollington, Pete Townsend (200+ points!), Kai Hutenburg (100 dry points)
January 2014: Matt Leach
September 2013: James Hoad, Josh Carr, Pete Townsend (180), Will Mackay