Virtual Boundary Run 2021


2021 Virtual Boundary Run

What do I need to do?

Run a marathon or half marathon (and record it with a phone or GPS watch)! To submit your run, all you need to do is run either of these distances and submit your result via the following google form. This includes submitting the embed code. Instructions for how to do this are attached. This code will not be made public.

Please note, a marathon is 26.2 miles (not 26!) or 42.2km and a half marathon is 13.1 miles or 21.1km (subject to reasonable GPS error)! We will have separate leaderboards for the half and full marathon.

Can I run both the half and the full?

You can have as many goes at either distance as you like. Only your fastest time for each distance will be included in the results. If you are entering the marathon, your half marathon split cannot be entered as a separate half marathon entry.

Where can I do my run?

You can complete your run wherever you are. In the spirit of the race, we encourage interesting routes with an off-road element (although this is not compulsory). Will will be updating the website to include a copy of the course map (unchanged from last year) as well as a GPX file and course description for those of you who would like to run the usual route. If you choose to do this please make sure it is compliant with any travel restrictions which may be in place at the time.

In the interest of fairness (and in the interest of being interesting!) please try to avoid a course with too many small laps as this can result in erroneous GPS data. We may also exclude routes which consist of excessive net downhill. When submitting your time, please use “time elapsed” rather than “moving time”.

When should I complete my run?

We know you all have busy schedules so are setting a time window which spans two weekends. Runs should be completed any time from May 1st to May 9th inclusive and uploaded via the google form above by 11pm on Monday 10th May.

Can I run as part of a team?

Of course (provided you follow government guidelines)! There is an question on the form for team name. This is not mandatory however we will have separate leaderboards for teams as follows:
– Full marathon team (combined time for three different people each running the full marathon)
– Half marathon team (combined time for three different people each running the half marathon)
– Overall team (combined time for 6 different people with three running the half marathon and three running the full marathon)
Team members do not need to complete their runs together or follow the same course.


All participants must be responsible for their own safety and as a minimum should adhere to the following suggestions:
– Plan your route in advance
– Let someone know when you expect to be back – contact them to check in when you return
– All participants should carry an ICE (In Case of Emergency) card with your name, address, any medical information and an emergency contact number

Happy running!
The Boundary Run Team

The results once the virtual event gets underway will be updated here