Women’s Captain

Fiona Bunn

Credited as the inventor of Queens’ Pasta Nights and co-creator of the “best Tab Times ever” (Su-Min Lee, 2019) Fiona has been a key part of the Hare and Hounds since she was a fresher. She may be more accustomed to running with a map, usually in a GB vest, however we’re slowly bringing her round to the less mentally-taxing side of running with hilly training camps and offers to be our fetching mascot Chuggs Bunney. You can catch her running round Churchill, in the gym, in the library or searching for the legendary “five mangoes for a quid” deal she once spotted in the farmer’s outlet (of which no evidence was ever found so we’re not sure whether to believe her). Fiona is also one of the select few who like coffee in their porridge.