Sponsorship and Alumnae secretary and Welfare

Norman Shreeve

||.||an Shreeve


If you are reading this after the summer then he should be addressed only as Doctor Doctor. But be warned – this man is no joke. Now sit back, relax, and let me give you the news on why I’ve got a bad case of loving our new Sponsorship and Alumni Rep.


Like any good Norm, he has been a very positive (or at least non-negative) member of the Hare and Hounds for several years*. Having originated in the NARPier realms of road running, he has finally come to embrace the mud and the hills and has proved his absolute value to the club over this time. Who could forget his famous conquest of Shotover in 1066 2017? Or his magnificent performance in the Blues match the following year (a performance which earned him the nickname Stormin’ Norman)? Or when he tried to tell the bus driver that, in his expert medical opinion, Mr Aste had simply eaten something funny at the afterparty? On second thoughts, Paul has probably forgotten that.


Despite having a wife and a baby on the way (just the baby, his wife is already here), his improvement has known no bound and he is determined to smash it this Autumn in Berlin. If you are also planning to measure up against this distance, then look no further for advice. Your preparation will be complete under this particular Norm.


To Σ up, I have every confidence that he will deliver us sponsorship with the same panache with which he delivers a child. I am also certain he will take over this role as smoothly as he takes over the baton in a 4×400. They don’t call him a master between legs for nothing.


*proof of the triangle inequality and scalability property is left as an exercise for the reader.