Boundary Run


The Boundary Run is a marathon (~26.2 miles) and half-marathon (~13.1 miles) race that takes participants around the boundaries of Cambridge. The course traverses roads, footpaths and trails, and incorporates some beautiful and not-often-seen areas of the city. It’s a laid back event with a friendly and pressure-free atmosphere.
Both the full- and half-marathon courses are about 30% off-road, and there are several reasonably sized hills on the course – significant enough to surprise those who are used to the flat terrain of Cambridge. This is a challenging but fun and rewarding course.


Date: Sunday 12th March 2023
Start Time: 9am

Entries are now closed.

Any queries can be made by email to Please read our FAQ’s below before submitting a query.


I’m struggling to make my payment

If you are struggling with the payment system, in the first instance try making the payment in an incognito window, but if this still doesn’t work then email our webmaster, Thomas, at thwc3[at]

Can you confirm that I’m fully entered?

Upon submitting the form, you will have received an email with a link to make payment. Once you have made your payment, you will see a screen with “paid” displayed. At this point you are fully entered into the Boundary Run. If you wish to see this receipt again, you may follow the payment link in the original email, which will display the “paid” message, and your receipt details.

Is there a warm place at the start/finish?

The start of both races is the University Sports Centre. The finish of the half is Coldham’s Common which can get chilly (although there will be coaches to transport you back to the Sports Centre). There is parking and toilets available at the Abbey Leisure Centre by Coldham’s Common. The full marathon finishes back at the Sports Centre.

Where should I put my bag?

You can drop your bag at the start and we will keep it in the Sports Centre or transport it to Coldham’s Common dependent on whether you’re running the full or the half. Any bags left at Coldham’s Common will be returned to the Sports Centre in the case that you decide to run the full instead of the half. We would like to stress that we can’t be responsible for valuables etc. in your bags so we highly recommend making sure you leave these somewhere safe.

Do I need anything for the day?

We advise you to carry a mobile phone as well as a route map to reduce the chance of getting lost. Closer to race day, we will send a GPX file of the course so you can track your progress on your mobile phone. Printed maps will also be available at registration.

Will the course be marked?

We will mark the course with flour, streamers and there will be regularly spaced marshalls. Following the course should be straightforward but we suggest you acquaint yourself with the route beforehand and perhaps keep a map on your phone in the event that you find yourself in the wrong place!

Are the roads closed?

The roads are not closed. There are a couple of road crossings where traffic is fast-moving, we therefore request that all participants cross roads as safely as possible, whilst retaining a clear awareness of traffic. We will place marshals at road crossings, but ultimately it is your responsibility to ensure that you cross in a sensible manner.

I don’t know if I’m fast enough?

We’re a very relaxed event here at Boundary Run, but it is organised by students who have a very busy schedule. We recommend that if you want to have an official time, that you finish within 7 hours for the full marathon and 3.5 hours for the half marathon. However, you are more than welcome to start and follow the course round if you are going to take longer, but we can’t be responsible for your time and we are likely to have packed up. The marshalls track the back runner around the course to ensure that everyone makes it home safely.

I don’t know if I’m old enough

UK Athletics guidelines state that you need to be at least 17 to race 13.1miles. Unfortunately we can’t accept entries from runners younger than this.

I entered the half marathon, but now want to run the full marathon or I entered the full marathon, but now want to run the half marathon. What should I do?

You don’t need to do anything with regards to entry. We have enough transport from the half finish to ensure that everyone who finishes there can be taken back to the Sports Centre. In short, we ask who’s running the full or the half so we can get a rough estimate of how much transport is needed at the half marathon finish and how many medals of each sort to order.

I entered the half marathon but think I might carry on if I feel good at the half finish. What should I do?

Anyone who’s entered can simply carry on when they reach the half marathon finish if they so wish.

What happens if the event gets cancelled?

If the event gets cancelled, then unfortunately we won’t be able to issue refunds. If extreme weather (such as flooding) means that the course has to be adapted, we will notify you immediately and send a copy of the updated course.

What if I need to withdraw?

Sadly, we are unable to offer direct refunds for those who can’t race.

What should I wear?

You should wear clothes appropriate for running in – that being lightweight and comfortable including a good pair of trainers.

I go wrong on the course – what do I do?

This shouldn’t happen. However, in the unlikely event that it does, we recommend the first thing you should do is stop running and think back to the last point that you saw a clear indication of the course and attempt to retrace your steps back to this. It is advisable to carry a mobile phone with you with the route downloaded so that you can easily navigate.

Is there food and water en route?

We provide 5 stations in total. The first station is just south of Grantchester 5 miles into the race where only water and squash are supplied. Following this station, there are 4 further stations which provide hydration and food. NB: it is primarily biscuits, sweets, and fruit at each station. There are vegan options at every station.

Is the race UKA certified?

The race is not UKA certified.

Unfortunately we are not able to provide refunds for entries.

The Route

A full or half lap of the historic Cambridge Boundary.

2019 Course Map